Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Brings Largest Ever Screen-to-Body Ratio With Curved AMOLED Display

The upcoming Mi MIX 2 will have an eye-boggling 93 percent of screen-to-body ratio

At present, in the smartphone industry, Xiaomi Mi Mix is the only phone having the largest screen-to-body ratio which makes it the most stylish and coolest one. Now, its seems that the Company is not in the mood to be stopped there, rather looking to take it one step further with the launch of Mi MIX 2, with an almost 93 percent of screen-to-body ratio. Yes! The Xiaomi is hitting hard to break the limits of screen-to-body ratio.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Features Curved AMOLED Display To Brings 93 Percent Screen-to-Body Ratio

The first Mi MIX has a 6.4-inch display with a 91.3 screen-to-display ratio which is itself the largest ratio ever and taking it to the next level is rather a challenging task for any company. Many large smartphone makers had tried to copy Mi MIX, phones like the G6 and Galaxy s8 are already attempting to bring the same charisma as Mi MIX does, but it does not look like they are going even closer to it.

According to latest rumor (via MyDrivers), the Mi MIX 2 display technology will be based on AMOLED display which provides richer colors, the benefit of using the AMOLED display is that it will be easier for the Xiaomi to increase the Mi MIX 2’s total screen-to-body ratio, as the manufacturers creating the Curved AMOLED screens.

The Curved AMOLED display will also help the manufacturer to decrease the overall thickness because the popular myth is that those phone having the less thickness will be termed as better smartphone look wise. If we discuss the materials for manufacture, the Mi MIX 2 could have the same ceramic body, which will make it as brittle as its predecessor.


Credit: mgsm

However, this time we all are expecting a phone that not only looks spectacular but performs spectacularly at the same time too.  A large screen-to-body ratio will also mean an expensive price tag, so keep your wallets ready for the MIX 2.

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