Windows 10 Cloud Operating System ISO Leaked to Download

Windows 10 cloud image download

Download windows 10 cloud ISO as Windows 10 cloud operating system ISO Leaked to download. It might be called Microsoft Windows 10 cloud OS

Over the last few days, we have been reading much news about the new Windows 10. There are speculations that it might be called Microsoft Windows 10 cloud. Now there has been a new report regarding this new operating system A Twitter user recently shared a link to a website that had the ISO files of the Windows 10.

This early version of Windows 10 SKU suggests that this will be a lightweight operating system that is supposedly a way to challenge Microsoft’s competitor’s product Chromebook.

The Twitter use @adguard on his Twitter account leaked the ISO files of this new operating system by which you can install it. However, as this is an earlier build of the OS it is apparently bound to have many errors and bugs so installing it might be harmful to your device. And also, as it is a leaked version the legal aspects must also be kept in mind before you proceed with the installation.

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What should be noted here is that Windows 10 Cloud will only permit the user to install the Universal Windows Platform apps that are available on Windows Store. This is supposed to be a means to compete with Google’s Chrome OS, which restricts the users to Chrome Web Store apps. As Google is a big competitor of Microsoft. It should be noted here that this strategy of Microsoft might not work, as Windows Store doesn’t have that many dedicated and regular visitors.

As for the name, Windows Cloud might not be a permanent name but a temporary one. It does not mean that a cloud will literally power it. It is simply a lightweight operating system.

What are your views about the new Windows 10 Cloud? Do you think it will give real competition to Google?

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