Why GitHub is Essential for Every Web Developer

GitHub is an open source development platform that every developer must care about

GitHub is primarily a web platform, which hosts code repositories along with distributed version control. Today, almost every developer working on a group project or individually uses GitHub as a most important tool due to its capability of making version control easier.

GitHub provides developers an essential tool which helps in best code practices, on the other hand, it does help in showcasing your recent work also. Now, let’s discuss why GitHub is such an important tool for web developer.

GitHub Makes Version Control Easier Using Git

Git is a popular version control System, which having the functionality of making a change-log or history of all changes made to their code while developing the project.

As we all know, having a version control on your code while developing is as important as writing a code. A good version control system makes the workflow easier and GitHub is a best option to fulfill this part.

Best Tool for Collab-Work


GitHub provides awesome tools for working in collaboration, there are some features which make it a lot easier when you are working in a team. Few of them are as:

1. Access Rights

It allows creating certain access privileges to your code for certain users on the GitHub. It means you can define the accessibility of your code on who are allowed to freely push the code to your repository.

2. GitHub Fork

The fork is a feature provided by GitHub through which a user can create a copy of a repository on their account and computer(if Git is installed). The Forked repository will not affect the main repository on making changes so that the user can freely use his/her hands on the code without any hesitation.

3. Pull Request

The Pull Request is a way to merge the modified code with the main repository. It allows the developer to make the code repository better with the help of another developer on the GitHub. For Example, if you want to tell another developer about the changes you wish to merge into their main repository then you can just use the Pull Request feature.

4. GitHub Issues Repository

The Issues Repository helps in keeping track of bugs in the code, also used in keeping track of another advancement you would like to achieve in your code.


(image source of Issues repository)

Best Open Source Projects


GitHub hosting some of the Biggest open source projects on the internet like Bootstrap, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails and much more. Top Giant Tech-Companies like Facebook, Microsoft also maintains their code repositories on the GitHub. With using Fork method, any developer can interact with an open source code repository and can get involved in it.

Also, provides a better way to socialize yourself with the Best Developers in the world of software development.

Showcase Skills Using GitHub

A Good GitHub profile weight a lot, in fact, it is a great way to showcase your skills using GitHub because it not only features real world projects but also your display contribution to these projects. It’s an absolute way of expressing your capabilities in the programming world.

(Above is the GitHub Profile Snapshot of Ruby on Rails creator David H. Hansson)

A Good GitHub profile has enough potential to attract recruiters when you apply for developer positions.

A fully fleshed out GitHub profile is a great way to stand out the crowd of web developers.

Your open source contribution on the GitHub shows the potential that you have the ability to work with different projects and can easily adapt it. This is what major recruiter look for in the developer portfolio.

Today, GitHub has become the most important platform for any web developer to work with. It has the ability to make you stand out the league of common web developers these days. So, just start using GitHub and contribute to the open source project you want.

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