WhatsApp Update Now Let You “UNSEND” Sent Messages By Mistake

whatsapp revoke feature update

WhatsApp is testing a feature that will allow you to revoke a message once it has been sent so now you can unsend WhatsApp sent messages by mistake

Haven’t we all always been in a situation where we curse our fate for sending a text message to the wrong person on WhatsApp? Or wishing if we could send the message we sent in a drunken stupor? Well, WhatsApp might have just answered all your prayers with their new service. With this new service, you might able to save your life from the wrong decisions you made at the wrong moments.

Mashable reports that WhatsApp is testing a feature that will allow you to revoke a message once it has been sent. Twitter account @WABetaInfo, that regularly tracks new WhatsApp features, discovered the addition in recent beta copies of WhatsApp.

As of now, it isn’t clear how long the sender might have to unsent the message, but the screenshots suggest that you can get unsent a message as long as the receiver hasn’t read them.

In the screenshot, a revoke option appears next to the message that was sent and has a single tick. A single tick in WhatsApp is an indication that the message has been delivered to the server but not the recipient. And double ticks indicate that the message has been sent to the recipient’s device. It is highly unlikely that the revoke option might be available after the double ticks appear, that is a notification regarding the message has appeared on the recipient’s device.

WhatsApp also seems to be introducing a new live location tracking feature. This will allow the users to track the locations of friends in a group in real time. This will probably make meeting up with friends easier. The new beta version of WhatsApp allows the user to share their real-time location for a few minutes at a time or indefinitely.

There is a possibility that WhatsApp decides against shipping these features as they are still in the beta testing phase. But we all can agree that the revoke feature will be a welcome addition to the services that already exist.

Let us know in the comment section how you feel about the new features that might be added to WhatsApp.

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