What is Google Now Cards, How to Use it?

It’s exciting to watch how far these Google Now has reached since it released in 2012

It’s exciting to watch how far these Google Now has reached since it released in 2012 —but more astonishing is how many persons have not tried it, and the more astonishing still is how many of them don’t have any idea about it. There is a huge number of personal assistant apps on the Android Play Store or Apple Store.

What is Google Now Cards?

Google Now can work a number of things, for example, can adjust or monitor your phone with the help of voice commands — these Cards feature frames to keep you ahead in your busy life without any required effort from your side. Of course, that is the purpose.

Basically, a card is the bite-sized slice of information that Google believes you surely wish to know. It can be an alert, any notification, important news, results from yesterday night’s cricket match, any meeting reminder, an opening of a restaurant in your city etcetera. Every part is a card that keeps fitted to the feed, and also one can delete particular cards when you’re finished with these with the single slide.


Google imparts a large number of its own cards. But over the recent past years, around 100 other party apps have been integrated into this system. If one has installed any of these apps, can activate integration of cards. (For example, by the Open Table one can straightly from the Feed.)

Most of the times, cards are originated moment based on the whole of the data Google has on you. Meetings reminder is originated from the calendar events and news information depend on your previous browsing activity, and adjacent alerts provide from one’s location history. To get such really benefit from these Cards, one has to require acknowledging Google more about you. It is very simple and straight-forward.

Also “Google Now” is now turned as “Google Assistant,” and any testimonial to “Now” (for example “Now cards”) has been turned — In short, the Cards feature is just known the “feed” now, but on the basis of function, it is totally same.

How to Activate these Now Cards

Wish to initiate using Cards? Steps to activate are below.

  1. Open the Google app.
  2. Activate the Google Now option.
    • Go for the menu button to the left of the top.
    • Pick Settings.
    • Choose your feed.
    • Press the option to activate the feed.
  3. Assure Google the required permissions.
    • When induced, press the setup, if prompted, pick your Google account you wish to use, then tap for Yes, I’m.
  4. And customize the card tastes.
    • Return to Settings > Your feed.
    • Scroll bottom to the section of Getting Notified About.
    • Activate/deactivate the cards according to your requirement.

Also if at any time want to pause with Cards, return into Settings and disable that particular feed. It is too easy as that.

 Tips for proper utilization of cards

With the activation of Cards, there are some small tips that can help one to maximize the experience and outcomes. Initially, cards can be somewhat underwhelming, but once one set into the pace of it, will surprise how one done it through the day without it.

1. Customize according to interests

Tab menu in the Google app and you will get an option known as “Customize”. You actually should do this out as much according to your interest because it will frame cards more favorable and it won’t just include extra cards to one’s feed but will also pause displaying cards that are not according to your interests.

As shown in the example, providing the transportation details will attentive you when app observes traffic. Providing details in Sports section will prevent Google from displaying non-favorable news if not in the range of your interest. Filling in the stocks will provide attention when one’s stocks grow or fall in value.

Additional sections, like the TV & Movies, can’t have an option for customizing, but still, a best way to see what Google believe you have an interest in, and you can drop the ones that have been incorrectly added.


2. Prioritize your own order in which cards display up


What if you wish for the sports card to always shown at the top? And well, there is no alternate to frame that occurs manually (again, all of this can be done by the apps private algorithms).

However, the more one search for anything and the more interact with particular cards, Google will pick those to mean higher interest on your part in those particular topics and fortunately these cards will display upper in your feed than other ones. So if you wish sport to come first, make definite you periodically Google about the sport.

3. Utilize Google Now Voice Commands


And, Google Now voice commands can assist very well what you are looking for. Additionally, there are much more one can do with the help of voice commands that are not easy with only tap and type. With the access to “OK Google”, you will never have to tap for the Google Maps again. Therefore these voice commands will make definite of that!

For example, one can set reminders by tapping the menu option and enabling reminders, and this may be very easy, but it is very easy to say “Remind me to [particular task] on [particular date] at [specific time]” and therefore one can do this without the requirement of particular app,can open with the help of “OK Google”. And very easily, these reminders will display up as the cards. One can get a lot of benefits with the help of Google Now and can shift to the advanced level. Home life can be automated using Google Now.

Note-This article is written keeping in mind the Lollipop Android Version 5.1. Also, most of these can still apply to any mobile working on Jelly Bean (Android 4.4 or below) or later version, though there can be little variations.

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