Weird Phobias You May Not Be Aware Of

Fear is a funny thing.

We all are scared of something or the other, right? Whether it is fire, height or water, there does exist something which makes a chill run down our spine. Some of them may be justified whereas some not. But, all those are rational fears which may be due to some traumatic experience. But, what if I were to tell you that that there also exist some irrational fears that you haven’t yet heard of? Read on and learn about some strange fears that will definitely blow your mind!


If you suffer from Sciaphobia, then life would be hellish as you simply can’t escape from the clutches of what you fear the most. It will always be following you and there is no way to get rid of it. That is because it is the fear of shadows.


This is something I am finding difficult to relate,

Since poetry is what you hate.


“Good news” is a phrase which is bound to elicit feelings of happiness, excitement or surprise. But, if you suffer from Euphobia, then these two words are sufficient to make a chill run down your spine. You guessed it right; it is the fear of good news.


I actually feel sorry if you suffer from this because pizzas cannot be made without loads of cheese.

 Since cheese is what you fear,

Forget pizzas, my dear.


Who does not enjoy taking a nap beneath a cozy blanket on a mundane day? However, exceptions are those suffering from Somniphobia. It is the fear of falling asleep.


“Save Trees” is not just a caption that promotes environment protection if you suffer from this. It is something that can trigger panic in an instant as enemies are not meant to be given shelter, right? Hylophobia is the fear of trees.


While some enjoy a hot cup of tea when it rains outside, you are likely to get anxiety attacks if you suffer from Ombrophobia. It is the unusual fear of rain.


You better go and grab a deodorant if you suffer from this since Ablutophobia is the fear of taking a bath or cleaning yourself.


If you suffer from this then, everyday must be a nightmare for you as the fear of hands is something beyond my imagination.


I believe that being a victim of this is the worst of all. The fear of books is a sad one indeed.


If you suffer from this, then there exist only three types of tastes for you namely sweet, salty and bitter. Wondering where sourness vanished? Well, that is exactly what you are scared of.


stairs in sky
All the noble souls want to go there after death and you are the odd one out who is ready to burn in hell. You guessed it right; it is the fear of heaven.


I have heard several people having superstitions about the number 13. But, who could imagine that some may have a full fledged fear. Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of the number 13.


If you are a victim of this bizarre fear then you would wish that you were nocturnal in nature. Atleast that would save you from the torment of encountering with your fear on a daily basis to some extent. Heliophobia is the fear of the sun.


Imagine being scared of all the household appliances that you own. That is exactly what a person suffering from Oikophobia would go through.


For some the circus is a place of amusement, but for you it is the most dreaded place on earth. Others laugh at their humorous acts while you are scared of even their sight. Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns.


I am sure that you did not bother to read the word completely. That is probably because you suffer from it. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is the fear of long words. Very apt I must say.


While ordinary people long to experience the magical feeling of butterflies in their stomach, you are better off without it. Philophobia is the fear of falling in love.


Nobody should be a victim of this as their whole world would come crashing down on them. Panophobia is the irrational fear of everything, literally.


Last but not the least; Phobophobia is the fear of phobias. Ironic, right?

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