Uber is Using Trip Data To Suggest Near-by Restaurants


Its customer base is so strong and its cab sharing feature so popular

Uber is a service used by all. It is a convenient app that helps us get from one place to another in this ever moving world. Many of us use it to get from one restaurant to another. Its customer base is so strong and its cab sharing feature so popular, that by now it has the knowledge of which spots are popular with the public. This week Uber announced that they will list all the details of these rides in a restaurant guide to be used by its customers for further reference.

The restaurants will be ranked according to their popularity into six categories: most popular, local favorites, up-and-coming, brunch spots, weekend picks and date-night destinations. The categories need no explanation, they are self explanatory. The list will be available on their website. As of now that is the only place where you can access this list. We hope they incorporate this list in their app too as it might be very helpful to the user. Another shortcoming here is that this list is just available for 12 cities right now. Only the people in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, LA, Miami, Nashville, NYC, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and San Francisco will be able to benefit from this feature as of now.

Uber trip data


Uber stated that unlike any other service available to give review of places, their service will solely be based on the rides to various place by the public rather than personal comments or reviews. “We’re talking details like number of drop-offs, time of day, type of vehicle and a location that may be trending recently.” So it can be said that their rankings will not be a criteria to judge the quality of food of that place. It will be based on how popular that place is in the city.

For now if you live in one of these city you can use the list on Uber’s website to decide where you will dine next. We hope Uber expands this list to include other cities too so that more people are able to benefit from the data that is available to them. It is also possible that Uber makes other lists of places such as Hotels, Entertainment Resorts etc., as they have the data at their disposal. We hope Uber carries forward this initiative that will definitely benefit many people.

On the flip side, Uber admits that its guide “may miss many stellar places” such as “your regular happy hour spot next to the office,” but emphasizes that its suggestions “rely entirely on Uber trip data sorted by time of day, type of vehicle option, and other filters.” This should be kept in mind while using the list. As it depends solely on the rides taken via Uber. There might be many places that are just as good aren’t on the list for obvious reason.

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