4 Types Of Entrepreneur Who Success in The Industry


Which one are you among the 4 successful ones : The Fire Entrepreneur, the water entrepreneur, the air entrepreneur and the earth entrepreneur?

The world is full of all sorts of people. You can not just sort them out and put them into categories. And where else is this more prominent than in entrepreneurs. Every entrepreneur you meet will be different from the last one in one way or another. But even then, if you have to classify them broadly you can put them in four groups. This in no way is a comparison as each category is unique in its own way. None is better or worse than the other. Following is just a compilation of the qualities that define each category and sets them apart.

Type 1 :The Fire Entrepreneur

As the word fire suggests, this type of entrepreneur is driven and ready to set a plan to action even before it is fully formed. They are out there making their dream a reality even before it is complete. They are passionate souls and will invest their time in projects that excite them or challenge them in some way. They have a fire in their soul that is driven by passion. They are the enigmatic ones. The ones that naturally evolve as a leader in the group. People look to them for directions. And they do not disappoint. They are better at coming up with idea and leading people than at executing the idea. The area where they face problem though, is that they put in so much energy into a project in the beginning that they tend to burn out by the end. Their passion leads to their failure as they tend to invest themselves in more than one project at once failing to complete any. They need to learn how to channel their energy into one fruitful endeavor and see it to the end. They require a team with them that supports them and compliment their passion and energy.

Type 2 : The Water Entrepreneur

This type of entrepreneur is driven by emotions and feelings. They will only invest in a project if it feel good to them. Intuition is big thing for them, as they are known for making decision based solely on intuitions and feelings. They may even refrain from taking a clear decision if it doesn’t feel right to them. And their intuitions are often correct. They are very powerful for the water entrepreneur and often lead them to great success. As the name water suggests, they are calm and methodical. They work carefully and wait till the moment is right to take the action. They are fueled by emotions so much that they need to feel that their project will benefit the people, to feel good about it. They are morally guided. They are creative being who express their creativity with their projects. However they need to be careful not to get caught up in the fantasy. They need to keep in mind that the market they work in consists of people who work according to rule and not gut instinct. They need to stay grounded and not float away in the creative abyss they create for themselves. The water entrepreneur need to surround themselves with people who are grounded and who will keep the balance of the realty and dreams alive and working.


Type 3 : The Air Entrepreneur

These are the one who believe in the power of connecting with people and increasing their social network. They know that their business will thrive and flourish if they maintain their contacts and stay in touch with the people that surround them. They are excellent communicators and know how to make a perfect sale. They are charismatic people, who know how to use their charm to benefit them. They can be so persuading that they can close a deal within minutes. They are intellectual people who believe in logic and fact. They crave data and information to nourish their mind. They believe in teaching and sharing their experience with others. They might write or blog about their journey. They love working in a team where they can corroborate with others. They know how to use these corroborations to their benefit. While they are charming and persuasive. Their persuasiveness might border on manipulative at times. They need to be mindful of what they say to get their way. They need to keep the promises they make.

Type 4 : The Earth Entrepreneur

This type of entrepreneur has excellent stamina and will keep on working from on project to another till they get their big success. They are highly driven and nothing can stop them from getting to their goal. They work with dedication and realize that the work they put in will glorify their result. They believe in perfection and won’t give up or move on from something till it is done with total perfection. Even though this need for perfection may sometimes end up delaying thing they realize that the work they are putting in is worthy of the time that is being spent and that it will in the end enhance their final result. They are smart people who prefer to follow the rules, but they are willing to take shortcuts if they shortcut guarantees success and has no risk. Their meticulous habits and desire for perfection causes them to achieve at the gates of  success a bit late.

The four types of entrepreneur have been linked to the four elements of nature. Some might relate fully to all the traits, some might relate to a few. Nevertheless each and every one has his own ideas of success and his own way of achieving it. Which entrepreneur type do you relate to?

Navni Bajpai
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4 Types Of Entrepreneur Who Success in The Industry
4 Types Of Entrepreneur Who Success in The Industry
4 Types Of Entrepreneurs Who Success in The Industry,The Fire Entrepreneur, the water entrepreneur, the air entrepreneur and the earth entrepreneur
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