Top Hollywood movies ever made, with exceptional story-lines

Best influencive hollywood movies ever made with their best and exceptional story-lines are enough to blow your mind off

There have been a lot of Hollywood movies that made us fall for them through their enchanting plots and outstanding film making, in recent years and some of them were just like, ‘one-of-their-own-kind’! The reason, being there unique storylines and twists. As of now, there are many of them which made us go out of our nerves, emotionally, possessing impactful and power-packed performances of the characters. Take a look briefly, at some that you can’t let pass by yourself!

Inception (2010)

The Inception, made by Christopher Nolan.

The whole dreamy things force you to not let go of this one above your head. In its own ‘not-done-before’ kind of experiment, director Chris Nolan knitted a movie that made all of us stand and be shocked. The entire cast of this sci-fi drama ensured the story’s purpose doesn’t get averted of its track, by delivering a stellar performance. The plot moves around a dream-stealing thief (or he is said to be in the movie), Mr. Cobb (Leonardo Di Caprio), who brings together a team in which everyone knows the mechanisms of creating the world of dreams to have their objectives achieved.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Silver Linings Playbook had a touchy, feel-good plot, based on Matthew Quick’s best-selling novel.

David O Russell, couldn’t have brought us a more romantic love story than this and I am really grateful to him for this one. The film was based on the book by author Matthew Quick, with the same name. The exceptional storyline and heavily impactful performances by actors Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper were enough to send it in the Oscars nominations. The plot revolves around two different personalities Tiffany Maxwell (Lawrence) and Patrick Solitano Jr. (Cooper) dealing with their own mental stability problems; getting together for their own purposes, but eventually falling in love.

Birdman (2014)

Michael Keaton played a struggling actor in the Oscar Winner, Birdman.

Alejandro G. Iñárritu is always different in his style of filmmaking whenever he comes up with a new story. And Birdman is the no different case here. The story shows an aging actor Riggan (Michael Keaton), who’s struggling with the problem of his deteriorating popularity and tries to come up with something different to not let it go. In the process, he encounters many life changing circumstances which make him understand his life more than he knew it before.

Interstellar (2014)

Interstellar presented a whole vision of understanding life and science.

An emotional science fiction drama, where the characters make you so connected with them that, you are eventually left with an inexplicable expression. Making more use of story rather than dazzling special effects, director Chris Nolan succeeds in his purpose of what he actually means to convey. The movie is set in the future, where a scientist Tom Cooper (Matthew McConoughey), a former NASA pilot, who’s now become a farmer to raise food crops for his family and people’s survival, gets an opportunity to travel in the space in search of a new habitable planet and the journey involves a wormhole to go through. On the other part of it, he also promises his daughter to come back to her after completing his mission. Does he succeed in his twin objectives? Watch the movie to find out!

Steve Jobs (2015)

Michael Fassbender played one of his best roles, in Steve Jobs, based on Walter Isaacson’s autobiography of the late Apple Co-founder.

No other director could have brought a biopic in a way Danny Boyle did. Based on the autobiography of former CEO of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, the movie tells the journey about the fall and rise of the great genius and visionary who transformed the world through his innovative technological methods. Divided into three phases of Job’s life, the story gets stronger and strengthened as it progresses gradually. The adaptation of the core moments of Jobs’ life are remarkable in the manner they are shown in the movie. And guess what, it got an Oscar nomination for actor Michael Fassbender for the best actor being this epic film’s Jobs.

Winter’s Bone (2010)


Winter’s Bone shows the struggle of a girl who takes on the quest to search his father but ends up unearthing surprising truths.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence showed everyone that she got more in her than what she appeared. Her acting prowess came out with the simple yet gripping story of this great thriller. It’s an adventurous ride where the protagonist, a girl named Ree (Jennifer Lawrence), sets out on the quest to find her father who’s involved in some serious and dark secrets. This leads her to unexpected circumstances to face and a challenge to fight them, seeking her destiny.

Easy A (2010)

Emma Stone played an exceptional role in the movie Easy A.

The story is a student of the community college, Oliver (Emma Stone), who gets teased by her friend on not having a boyfriend due to her girl-next-door kind of image. Then she decides to tackle with it in her own manner by spreading the news of her fake romance and in between also tries to make others believe that she dated many boys of the college. And all of this is actually fake but no one gets to know about it until she manages to find a way out, to show her real side to all.

Zootopia (2016)


Zootopia made a brilliant attempt to explore the thoughts of human nature by way of animals.

Animation movies do have an impact when made in this manner. Probably the best of them all that I have seen in the last decade. Zootopia is a story of a bunny female rabbit Judy Hoppes, who is a police officer and wants to make the city of Zootopia a more good and peaceful place by catching bad criminals. She also has a stereotype about foxes that they cannot be trusted as friends, ever. But after encountering Nick Wilde, a clever but good-hearted fox, she realizes the realities of life that she was estranged with for years. Do watch this. I hope it wins an Oscar!

The Lion King (1994)


Simba touched everyone’s hearts and made all of us cry for him in, The Lion King.

The finest animation movie of its time and still remembered for its heart-searing plot, it’s a story about a lion cub Simba, who’s left deserted after his father’s death who gets killed by his own selfish brother in order to capture the throne of King. Being ousted from his kingdom and left to die, he meets new creatures who become his friends and later help him to regain his lost kingdom. The film got huge praise for its simple yet inevitable storytelling.

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