Top 12 Best Diwali Decoration Ideas You Can Try This Year

Diwali Dhamaka!!

With the ‘Festival of Lights’ being around the corner, excitement is at its peak! Diwali is a festival which fills people with colossal elation and creates an atmosphere of hysteria. Children are busy buying a variety of crackers and homemakers are into a frenzy cleaning up the house and trying to decide on the best decorations.

Diwali is synonymous with lights and decoration. No matter what the state of your house is all round the year, but during Diwali, you make it a point to beautify your house so that it is at its best and garners the attention of all your neighbors. So, read on to get to know some amazing ideas to decorate your house this Diwali season to stand out from the rest.


To begin with, take the ordinary earthen days and give them an eye-catchy makeover with colorful paint and glitter. Decorate them in your own style and unleash the creativity within you.


Chuck the customary candles and lighten up your house with stunning floating candles. Not only do they last longer, they will give your house an elegant and classy look which will definitely make you stand out from the rest!


The use of flowers for decoration purpose has been an age-long tradition and no wonder that it still continues to carry its charm. A house beautifully done up with vibrant colored and fragrant smelling flowers can never go wrong. So, if you wish to be on the safer side when it comes to decorating your house this Diwali season, try this out.


The traditional rangoli is undoubtedly an element of Diwali which cannot be replaced. However, it can be given a new look with this innovative idea. Try making a rangoli using pulses of different colors and be ready to receive a whole lot of compliments! Now that is what is called “old wine in a new bottle”.


Follow the Oriental style of paper lanterns to decorate your house and give it a delicate yet elegant touch.


A string of radiant rice lights can never fail to catch one’s attention. Lighten up your house using these by loosely tying them around pillar-like structures or walls.


Make chocolate boxes attractive using colored paper and ribbons and place them in different corners of the house. This is likely to serve you a twin purpose-home decoration and a mouth-watering treats for the kids!


Hanging a toran outside the main entrance of your house is considered to be auspicious as well as decorative. Choose a toran that matches and goes well with the area surrounding the entrance to create an impression on all those visiting your home this season.


Since dry fruits are kept on the platter for the guests to indulge in, why not make use of fresh fruit peels to give an appealing look to your house! Make these DIY fruit peel candles that will surely leave all the visitors astonished and amazed.


Make your own Diwali themed wall hangings using artificial glass, fabric, and beads and hang them around the house. Try creating some intricate designs to grab the flickering attention of people.


Select a table in the hall of your house and arrange all the Diwali greeting cards artistically.



Ditch the usual candles and go for scented candles instead. You will instantly feel the positivity in the atmosphere created by the soothing aroma of these candles.
Ujjwal Sahay
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