Top 7 Highest Pay Revenue IT Companies in the World


Apple Inc. is an Ameriacn multinational company,founded by Steve Jobs,Steve Wozniak,and Ronald Wayne in california.This technology company is famous for Mac,iPhone,iPad,iPod,Apple Watch,Apple Tv,macOS,IOS and many more products.


Microsoft Corporation is an Ameriacn multinational technology company founded by Bill Gates and Poul Allen.This techno company is famous for their various products like Windows,Office,Skype,Server,Visual Studio,Azure,Xbox and many more.


Google is also an American multinational technology company founded by Larry Page and Sergery Brin.This company has specialization on internet related services like search, advertising etc.Very popular products are Goole search engine,Google Maps,Goolgle Analytics,Google Consumer Services,Android,Chrome Os,Google Tv,Android Tv. 


Oracle is founded by Larry Ellison,Bob Miner,and Ed Oates.This is a industry of enterprise software and cloud computing.Popular products of oracle are Servers,Workstations,Oracle Databases,Fusion Middleware etc.


IBM Corporation is founded by Charles Flint.It has various products by different categories Cloud,Data & Analytics,Internet Of Things,IT infrastructure,Mobile,Cyber Security.


Cisco System Inc. is an American multinational technology company founded by Leonard Bosack,Sandy Lerner.Products of Cisco System are Networking Device,Network Management Cisco IOS and NX-OS Software,Interface and Module Optical networking Storage area networks wireless,Telepresence,VOIP,Security Datacenter.


Intel Corporation Inc. is computer harware technology company founded by Gordon Moore,Robert Noyce.This IT company is famous for their various products.They are Bluetooth Chipset,Flash memory,Microprocessors,Motherboard chipset,Network interface,controllers,mobile phones,Solid State Drives,CPU etc.

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