Top 10 Apps Every Startup Entrepreneur Must Have

With the advanced technology employee’s change theie work habits, their goals and the way they accomplish tasks. So these increased workloads that require multitasking. Here are some useful apps that every entrepreneurs should use.

  • Entrepreneur Daily

Entrepreneur Daily

With this app you can browse the latest headlines from topics like startups, leadership, management, finance and marketing. This app lets you update with all trending things going around in entrepreneurs world.



Finally alternative of Skype has arrived for all official meetings. With the help of this app you can do cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and cross platform group chat into one easy-to-use platform. It is very useful for entrepreneurs. And it is a mixture of Teamviewer & Skype. Means you can gain access of your teammate.

  • Taskworld


Taskworld is an app where you can chat with your team, safely share your files, helps you to create graphs and charts, means it contains all the essential features which helps in entrepreneurs daily life.

  • TMetric



For companies whether small or big, it is time tracking app where you can manage your projects and employees. Features of TMetric are:- Easy to Start – Easy Task Switching – Work Day Timeline – Team View – Simple and Detailed Reports TMetric integrates with many web applications as well.


  • Quora


Quora is very useful app just like google where we can get the best answers of any questions. And get the deep knowledge of any topic we were working on.

  • Pocket


In entrepreneur life with very busy schedule don’t have time to read articles. So they use to bookmark. But what happen if there is no network to open. So with the help of Pocket user can save the article and read it anywhere at right time.

  • EasilyDo


EasilyDo is virtual assistant app which can merges duplicate contacts, checks traffic, identifies email, reminds you of meetings, add flights to calendar & notifies for delays or cancellations and many more.


  • VARIDESK Standing Timer


For entrepreneur who wants to stay active and fir with their business. The VARIDESK Standing Timer is an app which notifies you when to switch from sitting to a standing position. You just have to set the number of minutes you would like to sit and stand and let the app handle the rest. For measuring your calories, you have burned just add your weight and it will calculate.

  • ArmorText


Every companies needs complete control and privacy of messages, for their mobile or laptop, Armor Text is the perfect solution for that. Like armor it secures your data, so that you and only your team can access it.

  • Meetup


It’s an app where peoples together bring up, explore, teach and learn the things that help them come alive. You can create groups of tech meetup or whatever field you belongs and share things together.

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