The Perks Of Being An Introvert

Picture this: A social event comprising of hundreds of people who are busy exchanging greetings and updating themselves with the happenings in each other's lives. Now, if you see yourself amongst that lot, then mighty good, socialising is your cup of tea which is much needed in today's world. However, if you can't spot yourself gossiping away to glory with a random bunch of strangers but quietly sitting in some isolated corner, eagerly waiting to leave for home, then this article is definitely going to be a special read.

In an age where socialising is almost an inevitable part of one's life, being an introvert can be an addition to the list of never-ending problems.

But, by flipping the coin, we come across the various advantages that only an introvert gets to enjoy in any situation. So, here are the perks of being an introvert.

  1. Home Sweet Home!! The weather outside hardly matters to you because you are so much more comfortable within the four walls of your house.
  2. You can be classified as highly independent when it comes to choosing company because you are self-sufficient! You would prefer going out alone rather than tolerating the hassles of getting along with different kinds of people.
  3. You have ample leisure time to pursue your hobbies since less friends implies less unwanted social gatherings.
  4. Your family and friends may think that you are of reserved nature, but deep down you know that there is a hell lot of wildness within you yet to be unleashed!!
  5. Introverts are generally good observers and listeners. So next time, don't miss that look of surprise on your friend's face when you are the first one to inform him/her about some latest gossip!
  6. Planning a trip is so much simpler as you don't have to think much about the people to go out with. Your limited friends circle keeps your travel plans sorted. And in case your friends plan to ditch you, refer to point number two.
  7. You always have something new to add to a conversation because the people around you have never been successful in decoding you completely. This mysterious aspect that you possess intrigues people and your conversations seldom get boring.
  8. Being an introvert leaves you with sufficient time to introspect over the day's happenings. So, you appreciate solitude and always get to spend some quality "me time".

In a nutshell, an introvert is definitely a quirky character in a mundane outfit.

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