TeraCopy 3.0 Download Released for Windows 10, Drops XP Support

TERACOPY 3.0 PRO Download

The new Teracopy 3.0 comes with dynamically adjusted buffers that drastically reduces seek and copy time.

TeraCopy is a tool that can be used with Windows. It is used to deal with the slow copying speed issue of particular computers. It also allows queueing the transfer of different files, a feature absent in Windows.

Recently Teracopy3.0 was released. Its makers for Microsoft Windows said that it is specially designed to improve to copying and to transfer speed. It will skip the bad files during the copying process and display the error message after completion.

The Teracopy 3.0 is released three years after its alpha version was launched. The new Teracope 3.0 comes with many improvements and features that make it easier to use and make the process of copying and moving much simpler in the Windows environment.

Teracopy 3.0 Features and Download:

The new Teracopy 3.0 comes with dynamically adjusted buffers that drastically reduces seek and copy time. If some file poses error while copying, then the utility will try to fix it multiple time during the process. If the error persists then the file will be skipped, and the error message will only be displayed after the process is completed.

The transfer process can be paused at any time and resumed too whenever the user wants to. The Teracopy 3.0 completely revolutionizes the copy and move process. It is full Unicode and supports Windows 8 * 64.

The Tercopy 3.0 availability for download is totally for non-commercial use. If you want to use it for commercial purpose, you can download its pro version. You can download the free or the paid version from Teracopy’s website.

Let us know in the comments how Teracopy 3.0 changed the copying and moving process for you and how you found it different from its previous version.  Give us your feedbacks and reviews

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