Ten Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Gets A Boyfriend

The life you use to spend with your bestie will change the way that you havn't ever expected!

We have all gone through that phase in our lives when our best friend gets into a relationship with a guy, while we are still single. That phase can be one of the hardest for anybody. Some of the things
that we go through when this happens are.

  1. Angry Rants– You get to listen to angry rants all day all night. If her boyfriend doesn’t answer her call, you will get a call from her, a call describing in detail her agony.
  2. You get to know exactly how much she loves her guy too– You will also hear about how great her guy is. Like how he takes care of her and how he is just the ‘best boyfriend ever’.
  3. Being ignored– So to summarize it, all the talks you will have with your bestie will somehow end up being about ‘the guy’ who has stolen your best friend from you.
  4. Shopping for your BFF’s boyfriend– You accompany your best friend to shopping trips where she gets stuff for her guy. So even though you have been single for years, yet there you are, standing in the men’s department of a shop, helping her decide which color would suit her guy the best.
  5. Your social life suffers– When it was just you and your BFF, you went out a lot. Watched movies, went out to eat or just went out to roam. Your best friend still does all this. But with her boyfriend. While you sit at home and curse the day her boyfriend came into your life.
  6. You become a potential murderer– There are just too many times when your best friend cancels the plans she had with you because she had to go out with her bf. You utilize that alone time to think of ways to kill her boyfriend so that you can go back to the happy days when it was just you and her.
  7. The D3 ‘Detailed Date Description’– And each time they go out she comes back to tell you each and everything that happened on the date. And even though it’s cute, after a while it gets a bit irritating.
  8. Moments when your heart breaks– There are times when you are advising her on how to handle a fight or on any topic about the relationship, and she cuts you off by saying ‘you won’t get it,
    you aren’t in a relationship’ and honestly, it breaks your heart.
  9. You become a love guru– You become a pro at relationship advice even though you are single. After all, you are the one who has handled their almost-breakups.
  10. The third wheel– And at the end, you get used to being the third wheel. No matter how annoying it is, they include you and it’s okay, at least they haven’t totally forgotten you.

But even after all this, you love them with all your heart and wish them the best. So, here’s to all the intermingled friendships and relationships. May we stay forever strong!

Navni Bajpai
Navni is an enthusiast content strategist as well as author and loves to write about everything regarding technology under the sun. Navni Covers the news articles to the site regularly.
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