10 Promises For A Healthy Relationship You Must Not Ignore

The best practices you must follow to get your relationship going good!

Love is the most beautiful emotion that exists in the world. But there are times when it goes horribly wrong. People realize that love alone can’t survive a relationship and they part ways.

So here are ten things that you should promise to your life partner.

1. Understanding

We have heard it some much that it have become a cliché. But it’s true, understanding is the foundation of any relationship. You can be deeply madly and insanely in love, but if you don’t understand the person you are in love with, it’s all for nothing

2. No running

Life can get scary. There will be times when running away will seem like the better option. The safer option. But what is love if not looking the storm in its face while holding your partner’s hand. Stay. No matter how hard it is. Because when you are old and breathing your last breaths in your loved one’s arms, you will be glad that you stayed.

3. Respecting individuality

Being in a relationship never meant losing who you are. Do not ask your partner to become so much together that they lose who they are as an individual. Give them space to be themselves, only then will they be able to give themselves fully to the relationship.

4. Not letting ego destroy the love

Do not let how much money they make or what post they hold to become a jealousy factor. You are in a relationship, not an office. Do not let ego destroy the love you have for them. Talk about what hurts you and find a way to resolve it.

5. Being there for each other

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At the end of the day, your partner will be the one you come home to. They are the one with whom you will spend each day of your life with. Value that. Let them know that you are there for them. If your partner is facing a problem, set aside your fights and help them. Put a pause on all other things, because if they don’t have you whom will they turn to.

6. Let all your dates be first dates

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Go on dates. Even when you are 60 years old. Set aside some time for only the two of you. And keep the spark alive. Surprise them. Let all your dates be like your first date.

7. No work in the bedroom

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Keep the work out of the bedroom. When you are with your partner in the bedroom, do not stress about how stupid your boss is or how much work you have left. Focus on each other.

8. No holding grudges

This need not be said, but still. Never hold grudges. Never bring up an old resolved issue in a fight. Solve a problem and lay it to rest there only. Do not hold the issue in your heart. It will poison the love that is supposed to be there. You are supposed to uplift your partner not bring them down by bringing up their past mistakes.

9. No lies

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Never lie to each other. Be totally honest, about everything. From your feelings to even the most trivial happening about you day. One lie will make way for much more and even bigger ones.

10. To love each other even when you hate each other

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There will be fights, many fights. Some big, some huge. They might drive you crazy, to the point that you might even start hating your partner. But even when you hate them, remember that you love them. And you are stronger than whatever it is that’s pulling you apart.

Navni Bajpai
Navni is an enthusiast content strategist as well as author and loves to write about everything regarding technology under the sun. Navni Covers the news articles to the site regularly.
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