Surface Pro 5 Killing the Expectations to Feature Dramatic Changes Comparing Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 5

Surface Pro 5 Power Connector to Remain the Same Meaning no Thunderbolt 3 Support

The Surface Pro 5 was not announced by Microsoft last year, so it was thought that there would be drastic changes in store for the users when it is released. Changes that might help users jump to the 2 in 1 computer club. But it seems as if there aren’t any such changes for us. It appears as if Surface Pro 5 will just be an iterative update to its predecessor.

Paul Thurrock says that the exploring Surface Pro 5 will keep its Surface Connect Power connector just as it’s predecessor. What this means is that Microsoft will depend on other power display outputs to let users connect a secondary display to the 2-in-1, such as the Display Port. Thunderbolt 3 port via Type-C USB seems like a better option as it’s small size will let Microsoft reduce the thickness of the upcoming Windows 10 Tablet.

The news by Paul Thurrock means that we can only hope to see Intel’s Kaby Lake series of processors along with maybe more RAM and internal flash. After this rumor, the only possible good point about the release of Surface Pro 5 will be the drop in the prices of Surface Pro 4.

It is rumored that the Surface Pro 5 will be released in spring which could also be the time when we will see Surface Book 2. If you aren’t that impressed by the Surface Pro 5, you can always opt for the Surface Book 2 if you are in search of a notebook running on Windows 10.

How do you feel about the rumors and the news about the Surface Pro 5? And are you planning to buy it? Let us know in the comments.

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