Strava’s Apple Watch App Lets You Ride Free Without Your iPhone

starvas apple watch 2

Strava’s WatchOS app relied on your iPhone’s GPS to track rides and runs. As reported This new update of Strava WatchOs app has relay upon Series 2’s built-in GPS instead.

Garmin and Polar have long ridiculed the Apple Watch for not being a perfect fitness tracker by user experience, but a new Strava update takes boost for the Watch Series 2.

Strava’s WatchOS app relied on your iPhone’s GPS to track rides and runs. As reported This new update of Strava WatchOS app has relay upon Series 2’s built-in GPS instead. So owners of the Series 2 can run to the hills without WhatsApp bleeps, the primary cause of their distress.

That means you don’t need to carry your iPhone to track all the activities. Strava’s WatchOS new update will make it possible for you to let you full running and cycling tracking including all the standard distance, time, pace, speed and heart rate stats.

Front Of The Pack of Strava’s Apple Watch App

Starvas apple watch app

Meanwhile, It’s a symbolic moment for Apple Watch users, an update of Strava’s WatchOS will make their life more comfortable by not putting their iPhone in the sideway for tracking all the activities. Moreover, there are more watches available in the market which can measure the amount of lactic acid in your body.

So far there is many handful WatchOS app available including Workouts, Nike+ Run Club and Runkeeper can use the Series 2’s inbuilt GPS service, but newly updated Stravas is KOM when it comes to about cycling and running tracking by using inbuilt GPS service of the Series 2. New Strava update is also very useful for Android Wear 2.0 users, which also keep free for Strava users from their smart -phones if their smartwatch supports built-in GPS service.

This is a revolutionary year for Apple Watch users, meanwhile, other apps like Runtastic promising similar updates this year. The Apple watch is proven very fast developing into fitness companion that can match other watches in most areas except its great battery life.

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