Here is How To Stop Adult Spam E-mails

Read how to get rid of receiving adult spam emails in your inbox

Are you tired of receiving adult spam emails, and even though you follow the instructions provided to you by the firm it is all in vain. Anyone who has your email address can send you mails, and it can be of any type. The reason you get spam emails is because it costs nothing to send them.

The email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo etc. filter out billion of spam emails everyday. But a few get through. So five to 20 spam mails is not an unusual number.


But the ones that do get through should automatically go to your spam folder. If you are receiving these emails in your inbox then it can be because either of the two reasons – either the filter setting is turned off by you or the filters are failing.

Filtering emails is a tricky task. If the filters are too lenient spam mails might find a way into your inbox. And if the filters are too tight some of your useful mails might end up in the spam folder. Some services provide better filter options like, which let’s you decide how aggressive you want to be in your filtering process on scale of 1 to 5. Any such option is not available with Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook.

Yahoo’s filtering process is too loose, while that of Gmail is too fierce. If you want to totally filter out the spam mails, you could switch to Google’s Gmail. But that would mean checking your spam folder every other day to check if some of your important mails are there. Switching email service would mean telling all your contacts that you have changed your email address. However Gmail collects your old emails from your old account, so changing account isn’t that hard.

The only drawback of Gmail is its very limited storage space. Yahoo gives 1 TB storage while Outlook’s storage increases as you use it, while Gmail only gives 15 GB of storage.

All email filters get better with time, so you need to keep reporting all the adult emails you get in you mail. And always be sure not to open these emails, because these emails might contain ‘web beacons’ that tell the sender that the account is active, and this will result in more spams.

There are some emails that are not spam but unwanted, like newsletters, promotions etc. The thing to do with them is simply open the email and click on ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘change preferences’.

You can also put up your own filters to block emails from a specific sender or on a specific topic. In Yahoo, select an email in your inbox or spam folder, then click on the down arrow next to the word ‘more’. The drop-down menu should include the option “Filter emails like this ”, Selecting this option opens a dialog box with fields such as From, Subject and Body. You can thus filter out all emails that include words such as Viagra, Cialis and porn, or the words that you don’t want to see, in the body of the email.

Blocking spam mails from a specific sender might not be helpful as spammers have many email address that are very easy to fake.

You might be opening spam emails unintentionally if you have a preview option in you email system. Every time you scroll last the emails you are opening it.

To turn off Yahoo’s preview pane option, click the cogwheel in the top right corner, and click on Settings. When the page opens, select “viewing email” and in the middle column look for “preview pane”. Set the option to “none”.

Blocking these spam mails won’t delete them, they will be sent to the Spam Folder. Every time you look into the Spam Folder for legitimate mails you will find them there.

If you use the Auto Delete feature for the spam mails, they directed to the Trash Folder. They can be found in the Trash Folder, from where they will be deleted by the server in some time.

Do not revert back to the spammer. They have numerous email addresses and its just useless. Do not criticize Yahoo’s spam filters for being lenient, their filter work for many people. Help them by reporting the spam emails. The services of Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook are free, its uneconomic to provide free service to millions of people. The cost of an average “support incident” starts at around £25 for phone support and £10 for email support. The only option here is online help pages that help you figure out solutions for yourself.

For personal support, you should sign up for a paid service, such as FastMail. It starts at $3 per month or $30 per year with only 2GB of storage.

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