10 Best Stock Images Websites for Bloggers With No Attribution Required

Yes they are with No Attribution Required along with best free stock images websites for blogging use

Are you Looking for Stock Image Websites for Bloggers With No Attribution Required? Are your all social media updates full with high-quality images? What about your blog post?

According to me, the use of images in the blog post is highly beneficial. This is advantageous for two reasons; one is that it gives you the opportunity by which you can provide more information. For example: by infographics or by screenshots. Second is that it helps you in improving the engagement of your audience which in turn keeps readers on your blog for an extended period.

Now, here arises a question that “From where I can get images for my blog and social media platforms?” This issue is one among these matters that have many answers. In this article, I am going to tell you the ten tools by which you can find high-quality images that you can use on your blog and your social media updates as well.

I admit that you are going to use each one of them as many people go for the one which suits them best. But try all of them, at least once. So, why waiting, let’s get started!!

This is a place where you can run your search all the time and get the desired result, come here when you are in need of quality plus quantity photos. You can rely on this for all your needs. After reaching the homepage, you will find the search box along with all the popular searches. Also here you are not bogged down with clutter, no need to worry. Everything is well arranged here.


Once you have reached the homepage and checked out all the popular searches, you can go for your search. I am fond of experiments; I keep on experimenting, so here also I searched for a keyword “business, ” and you won’t believe that there are nearly 700 photos regarding that search. Here you can narrow your options also. You can do so by trending views, downloads, etc. It is a streamlined search with greater filter options.

For your problem of finding images for your blog which you can use on your social media also the solution is none other than “Pixabay”. Pixabay is a catalog of more than 750,000 free stock photos. What else you need? There is nothing that can offer more than Pixabay.

stock images

The best thing about Pixabay is that you can run a fast and efficient search, right from the homepage. Isn’t it amazing? Once you have entered your keyword and begin with your search, the result will make you stunned. Pixabay is not just for images only, here you can search for vector graphics, illustrations and videos as well.

Neither it is one among all the advanced photo libraries nor does it have most images available at its site, after this also Unsplash is one of the favorites among the bloggers and media professionals as well.

The best thing that you will come across is that you will not have to worry about the copyright issues of the image. It has, does whatever you want the license so it makes your tension of copyrighting equals to nil. All thanks to Creative Commons Zero approach by which you can copy, you can modify, you can distribute and you can use photos for free, including all commercial purposes.

In this also the main game begins when you go for search.

stock images

Just have a look at this screenshot; here you can see that a simple search on trees gave result 2,700 photos from 1,300 collections. Also, it shows the number of users who have given their part by uploading these photos.

As you can see that the name of this tool is cool enough. Here also the fun begins when you run your search. Gratisography remains at the top of the industry when it comes to quality of the image.


In this article, all the 10 tools are providing high-quality images but the level of Gratisography is quite high. As we all know that all the pictures come from the very same photographer, so in this case, you don’t need to access to the largest library. I admit that Gratisography lacks in quantity, but there is no competitor exists if we talk about the quality of the images offered by Gratisography.

Have you ever wondered why Life of Pix is a big hit? There is a lot to know about Life of Pix. It includes high-resolution photos; all the photos that are available at Life of Pix have high resolution. Also, all the photos are free to use that simply means you don’t have to pay a single penny to use the photos. The most amazing thing about Life of Pix is that new photos are added weekly. Isn’t it amazing?

Just keep these three things in your mind and you will get the answer of question why Life of Pix is a big hit. This is one among all the great places where you can find images for social media, including the favorite of all, the loving “Facebook”.


Here you can find one fault that is the lack of photos. This is a bit disappointing as here you cannot find hundreds or thousands of options for a single search. But the quality of the photos is simply amazing. This is not a place where you can run your search all the time and get the desired result, come here only when you are in a need of quality photos.

This is also one among the places where you can find images for your blog and social media as well. But there is a lot more exciting than just searching photos. Just imagine you are getting a beautiful photo daily, which can boost up your ideas and also can enhance the look of your social media.


Yes, all this can happen, but for this what you need to do is just sign up and you will receive 7 free beautiful photos every 7 days. By doing sign up what you need to do is just wait for the photos, once they arrive in your inbox, save the ones which you like and ignore the rest.

You have two choices here, either search for the photos or wait for them to arrive on their own. I would like to suggest you something, please spend your time in searching photos as there are plenty of photos from 200,000 of the world’s most talented photographers. So you would glad to know the beauty of every photo.

Are you in search of a better way to take screenshots?

All of us are aware of the fact that screenshots are a big part of almost every post. With the help of screenshots, you can explain clearly. This helps in breaking up the content and also gives another way to share some valuable information and advice as well.

There are a number of reasons for which you are going to love Awesome Screenshot; one is that you will found this very comfortable and second is that you can permanently store images for using in the future.

There are many features which will defiantly become your favorite one. Some of them are like the ability to capture the entire page or any portion you want, the ability to annotate with text, circles, rectangles, lines or anything else that you need to explain or alter the screenshot and also there is One-click upload to share. Isn’t it amazing?

Experiment with as many features as you can so that you won’t miss anyone of it which could help you in making your screenshots more unique and useful as well.

Here you are going to get everything you want from a stock photography site. Picjumbo is easy to use or you can say it is very simple to use. Also here you can find the top quality photos. The selection is above average. When you visit the site you will see something like this:


This is not compulsory for you, but I would like to suggest you, provide your email address in order to stay connected to the service which also helps in saving time.

If you are in a mood to search manually, then you have two ways to do that; one is to search via the search box, and second is just click on the most popular categories, after going for the search option according to your choice you will be taken to a large library where you can find super high-quality images.

There are a number of places where you can find photos for your blog and social media as well. You can get exactly what you expect. Also, there are a number of photography sites that goes above or beyond. As the name is suggesting itself, here you can get vintage photos from the public archives.

Just for an example, let’s assume that you want to add old-school feels to your blog post or you want to update your social media on teacher’s day or on children’s day then you must come here for your search. For such purposes, this must be your first priority.

Here also you don’t to worry about the availability of photos for personal or non-commercial use. You don’t to worry about the rights and usage. So, use these photos on your blog or on your social media without any problem.

As there is no time machine by which you can go in the past and can capture the delightful moments.  For this, you need to use the vintage filter that is available on your smartphone. So instead of using that you need to rely on a service same as New Old Stock.

  • Smartphones and Tablets

You have spent so much time just in the search of photos on the internet. Don’t you ever wonder that you can take one with your Smartphone or Tablet? No need to take your iPhone 7 everywhere you go but you can take your new tablet. In case if you can take your tablet then what you need is the super high-powered camera. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to use your Smartphone or tablet for clicking pictures. This will take a while but after some time you will realize that this is the best way to obtain a photo for your blog or social media.

You can use editing apps for editing your photo before putting them on your blog. So, no more worrying about the photos, just take help from these 10 ways and see how easy it is.

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10 Best Stock Images Websites for Bloggers With No Attribution Required
10 Best Stock Images Websites for Bloggers With No Attribution Required
10 Best Stock Images Websites for Bloggers With No Attribution Required along with best free stock images websites for blogging use
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