How Steve Jobs started his journey

Here is How Steve Jobs become THE STEVE JOBS

Steve Jobs, the name is the synonym of innovation and always be. Since first Apple’s iPhone announcement, Steve was leading in the tech industry. But everyone has in their mind a big fat question like How he did it. So here today we are sharing Steve’s leading life secret that how actually Steve Jobs Started — The Winding Path?

Now I can bet you liked it and still serious? Shout with your hunger in the comments that How you are starting to be the Next?

Ujjwal Sahay
Ujjwal Sahay is the Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder of Enzuke as well as Author of the cyber security books Hack-X-Crypt and X-Shell. Primarily Ujjwal writes about technology and front-end developer by profession. For more details about him check out his portfolio at [ ]
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