SpaceX to Launch a Robotic Mission to Mars in 2020

space x mars rocket

SpaceX to Launch a Robotic Mission to Mars in 2020. Also, SpaceX will not be going mars in 2018 as SpaceX founder Elon Musk stated about SpaceX Mars Mission

SpaceX made a dauntless declaration in April 2016 that SpaceX will send a robotic team to Mars mission by 2018. But today, the Elon Musk-founded company is singing to a tune which looks different as they announced. SpaceX president Gwynne said during a press conference that SpaceX will now try to launch a robotic mission in two years later, in 2020. SpaceX robotic mission will know as Red Dragon mission.

Shotwell said about SpaceX mission that “We were launching the SpaceX mission in 2018, but we felt like it is not a perfect time to start it, actually we needed to put more resources and focus more heavily on our crew program and Falcon Heavy program.”

The 2020 SpaceX mission would involve sending a Dragon spacecraft to Mars through the company Falcon Heavy rocket-the largest launcher SpaceX has ever built, designed for bearing heavy workloads and distant parts of the solar system.

Space X mars Mission

SpaceX has launched a test flight of the Falcon Heavy rocket yet, but Shotwell is very confident about the rocket first flight trip in the summer.

Musk has also declared about his crewed mission will launch to the red planet by around 2024. Although these plans will be very popular in the 2060s.

SpaceX Red Dragon Mission

Moreover, when the Red Dragon mission takes the flight to the air, it will be really very exciting. According to Shotwell, SpaceX will carry some heavy payloads and science experiments to the Martin surface with it.  SpaceX’s also refocus to makes sense in light while facing difficulties SpaceX.  Falcon 9 rocket exploded

SpaceX another project based on the rocket has launched it was one rocket Falcon 9  toward the International Space Station from Florida in June 2015, and another Florida 9 exploded during a test before launch in September 2016.

spacex mars mission rocket

Although SpaceX has weathered those failures, it arose some questions whether the company will fulfill their ambitious task or not. The U.S. Government Accountability Office recently reviewed SpaceX’s progress chart toward launching NASA astronauts to the International Space Station and found the company unable to complete their goals at the same tie as they announced. The office found that the people who launched could slip until 2019, meanwhile Shotwell said SpaceX would meet its goals by 2018.

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