SpaceX Wins NASA Contract For Global Surface Water Survey Satellite Launch

SpaceX selected by NASA for the launch of Satellite in April 2021

Space X has been selected by the NASA for providing the launch services in the month of April 2021, for a mission with the main objective of contemplating whole of the planet “Earth” .

With the initiate of the “Surface Water and Topography” mission which will be handed over to Space X Falcon 9 rocket, leaving off from the Launch Complex 4E in California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base.


It is the first mission of the NASA, with the objective of providing high-res computation of the world’s oceans, along with that the computation of the changes occurring in the ocean’s over a long period of time. A minimal of about 90 percent of the world will be immersed in the survey, which will be covering all the freshwater as well as the saltwater rivers, lakes, oceans and many more things. The main purpose behind collecting all this data and figures is to provide a support to the climatic science, as well as an endeavour  for managing the freshwater approach for all the people living around this beautiful world.


Space X at present is having almost nine NASA operations on its way, with the inaugurate for the forthcoming agreement, but the problem is that it has not furnished with a explicit date for recommencing launches for the succeeding detonation of Space X rocket throughout pre-flight checks on a launch pad in the month of September. Space X CEO Elon Musk uttered on CNBC in premature November that the company’s launches could be resuming as early as in the mid of December, as the examination into the cause of the explosion nears an end.

Ujjwal Sahay
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SpaceX Wins NASA Contract For Global Surface Water Survey Satellite Launch
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