Sony Sales of PlayStation VR (PSVR) Headsets Boosts up to a Million

PSVR headset

Sony is planning to boost PSVR Software list in 2017

Sony disclosed sales officially of the PlayStation 4-powered by VR headset, PSVR. Sony revealed during an interview with the New York Times that the company had sold 915,000 headsets as of February 19th. That doesn’t sound good for a company which sold out ten million of PlayStation 4. Sony hoped that the sales figure of PSVR headset would reach the 1 million mark by mid-April.

We all love to playing on PlayStation 4. This time play with VR headset is also going up. Although many PSVR based games might be experienced short-length gameplay, Resident Evil 7’s might be experienced doubled the average game length. PSVR headset price around $440 and Gear VR priced around $100, and both figures have it’s own significant that deliver our first real window into the growing market of VR headset. Noted that Neither Oculus nor HTC had revealed official sales figures for their PC-based VR headsets.

PSVR headset

PSVR archives a great milestone in less than six months. Sony launched it in October 2016 at lowest price $399. It has the lowest price and affordable for users at the entry level VR. Meanwhile, Rift and Vive, PC-based VR-headset are very costly available at price $599 and $799 correspondingly and need very expensive high-end PCs to run it.

Sony is Planning to Increase PSVR Selling

According to the site, Sony had set a target to reach 1 million in PSVR sales figure in by mid-April. Sony is also doing some planning to get to the target, and certainly, it seems to be on course to succeed. The company also make improvements of supply of the headset in the upcoming moths. Sony also announced to launch it in Latin America in the next months.

Moreover, Sony is planning to boost PSVR’s software list in 2017. Sony also made a partnership with Capcom previously to incorporate support to release in January’s Resident Evil 7 and preparing to release more games like Starblood Arena and Farpoint.

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