Smartwatch Popularity To Revive: Apple Watch Series 2 is here

Watch makers are getting to the nerves of the users, much better, than before.

After the launch of new Apple Watch Series 2, last month, the fight for supremacy ‘round the wrist’ is pumped-up again, which was laying still for a couple of months, this year. Although, in-between there came some really commendable products from Motorola, Sony and Samsung, all through this time-but, something was missing. Yes, you got it right-Apple’s Watch or more appropriately iWatch, Series 2. Now, it’ been quite some time since it came out with it’s all new look, yet, when taking a thorough observation, you hardly find an identical variation (on the hardware part). But, right now, I am straightly going to give you all a brief introduction of Apple’s new upgraded device (in case if some of you are not aware of it), that you need to know, of the updated Watch Series 2.


Apple Watch Series 2 is now water resistant and splash proof.


There is a now an improved and much more reliable in-built GPS in the Apple Watch Series 2, which lets you keep a sharp and accurate check on your workout and running, even when you don’t have your iPhone to do the calculations.The highlight of this upgrade guys-its water resistant! Yes, now you can just dive into the swimming pool without any fear of getting your watch damaged, with the Series 2 iWatch being splash proof and water resistant up to 50 meters. The most interesting thing about the Watch is that it has got a uniquely built speaker for itself-this time. As, in any device, it’s obvious that a speaker can’t get blocked for preventing the water to come in for the sake of securing its electrical parts; so the Watch series 2 is having a speaker that lets water come in, but then uses the sound vibrations to throw it out too!



The ‘Activity Rings’ software keeps an eye on all of your daily body movements, like sitting, standing, walking or exercising. The moment it senses that you have been resting too much for a very long period, it immediately tells you to walk a bit or move some distance to get calories down. Whatever daily physical activity you do at the end each day, gets recorded in the Activity Rings.



Activity Sharing feature helps you to let all your Activity Rings’ workout data be known to all your friends and colleagues. This makes you more inspired and motivated from within to keep doing your workouts on a regular basis. You can also receive notifications from your friends too, regarding their performance as compared to you. So, this way, it really gets you energized for pushing yourself more towards being healthy and fit.



Watch Series 2 also lets you constantly check your heart rate with utmost clarity in giving you beat-to-beat analysis. The custom sensor in the back of the Watch measures the heart rate consistently, throughout the day. And that’s not all, it then pushes the heart rate data collected, to your iPhone where you can track the heart-beat patterns over various intervals of time, in the Health app in the iPhone.The heart rate sensor in the Apple Watch uses a kind of technology called, photoplethysmography to accurately measure your beats per second. Apple Watch uses green LED lights paired with light‑sensitive photodiodes to detect the amount of blood flowing through your wrist at any given moment. There’s a ‘Breathe App’ too, to help focus on your calmness and take deep breaths taking out a quiet and peaceful time for yourself-especially, early mornings.



And the rest, are all the usual daily tasks, namely calling from your iWatch, messaging, mails, calendar, live news feeds and asking Siri (one hell of an AI assistant), for setting reminders for you, whenever you need to. Watch series 2 is a nice improvement over its predecessor in terms of fixing trivial mechanical and software issues. The Series 2 of Apple Watch is available in four versions. Have a look below:



The simplest one is called just Watch Series 2. Then there is a Nike Edition iWatch 2 which Apple has designed with a collaboration with Nike company, keeping in mind the sports enthusiasts. The Third one is again a collaborated version with Hermes and lastly there is Watch Edition-that’s what’s called, simply.

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