Skype Preview for Android Added New Reaction Emojis and Camera Integration

skype new emojis

Skype has been facing vicious competition with other messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook that also provide video chatting feature.

Emojis have taken an important place in our daily life conversation. Skype has introduced Emojis for video calling in its preview build. Yeah! You can now send Emojis to your video companion during video chat. It’s a cool stuff; Emojis makes the conversation more intrusting and enjoyable. You will get new reactions and stickers with the integrated camera quality in the new version of Skype Preview(in beta) for Android.

Skype has been facing vicious competition with other messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook that also provide video chatting feature. Microsoft obtains Skype in 2011 investing $8 billion for providing Windows users a personalized experience. After some time some other video calling Android apps takes place over it. Thus, Microsoft makes a move to increase the popularity of Skype through inserting Emojis and bring some extra features to help you express more emotions during video chat.

One of the newest feature added in Skype is “in-call reactions.”

One of the unique features inserted in Skype is “in-call reactions,” where you can click on reaction Emojis to express your emotions during video calls. You can now send reaction Emojis, images, and texts messages during real time video chat on Skype Preview version. Similarly, the other new feature added in Skype is message reaction, Which lets you send emoticons reaction to react instantly with a message along with an added ability to send texts in different colors.

skype New reaction

Moreover, another cool feature added in the Skype is the “integrated camera,” which lets you instantly access the camera with a single left swipe. This feature makes simpler sharing image with co-partners. Now you can quickly snap your picture and send it immediately to your friend. You need to do swipe left on Skype Preview, That’s it. Moreover, you can add emoticons and text on the snap before sending to your friend.

Lastly, there is added one more feature in Skype Preview that is “find” which lets you find quickly regular information such as news, weather, videos, sports, politics, education, etc. This feature is very useful which allows you to search everything within the app and reduce time to switch apps to get regular information.

Although, these features are under the text, but Android users can give a try by downloading Skype Preview from Playstore. If you are an iOS user, then you need to get enrolled in Skype Insider program before using all of these newly added extra features.

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