Silicon Valley Season 4 Spoiler Alert.


Dinesh, Richard, Gilfoyle, Erlich and co. returns for season 4.



Silicon Valley is one of the finest show of HBO, after 3 seasons we are desperately wanted to see season 4. Thanks to the Producer we are getting another awesome season of the fantastic silicon valley TV series.



 April 24th, 2017: The day to Wait for.


We are going to have perfect 10 episodes for season 4, awesome isn’t it? Can you still remember the 8 episodes of season 1?
What We’d Love to See From Season 4?

Firstly, We can expect a lot more form Jared, his ability to shines at every moment and his extraordinary skills to Pivot the scenario. As Russ once said about him, “This Guy f*cks!!”. waiting to see more of him.

As the Big Head become a real part of the pied piper at the end of the season 3. His Stumble to the richest guy and his ridiculous fall was one of the funniest part of the season 3, but we might be able to see him rich again.
In Previous season, we saw Erlich wasn’t the guy we all love. He was in debt, it was unhappy to seeing him. So now we can expect the Old-Bold Erlich Bachmann back to his usual self.
and there is lot to be revealed now….Stay Tuned…!


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