Samsung’s New Gear VR to Release With Controller on April 21st Priced at $129

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The company is also supporting Oculus Avatars to the Gear VR along with the new Home update.

While the VR conflict beginning between the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive is getting much publicity, the competition in smartphones VR is a far bigger deal for most consumers. After all, you only need a smartphone and a low priced headset for mobile VR. Samsung’s Gear VR mentioned itself as an explorer in the market over the last few years, but Google’s Daydream View headset came out last year with the introduction of a small motion sensing remote.

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Samsung is also ready to compete in the race with a stylishly and elegant headset and free motion controller of its own. As a portion of its Galaxy S8 event today, Samsung declared that the new Gear VR will be accessible on April 21st for $129. Current Gear VR owners can also catch the controller separately for $39.

While the Gear VR is still very much behind less than the $600 you’d have to take it out for the Oculus Rift or Vive, it’s more than the $80 price for either the previous model. But Samsung might be able to explain that premium with a slightly better mobile VR experience.

samsung galaxy gear vr

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I had a possibility to work out the new controller with an older Gear VR, and I was astounded by how easy it was. The motion tracking felt fairly accurate, but mostly I was banged by how it felt in my hand.

Samsung New Gear VR Controls and Build Quality

It has a little angle orientation, and your fingers naturally fall on the large touchpad on the top and the trigger button on the back of it. That activate, by the way, bifurcates it from the Daydream View remote, which only has a touchpad and a few other buttons.

samsung galaxy gear vr

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Further, on the hardware, Oculus also upgraded its Oculus Home feel for the Gear VR. It enhanced it up much faster than before, so you’re not just left glancing at a black screen when you switch on the headset.

You’ll also find an observation that Oculus Home looks much clearer than it did in the past. It’s now effortless to read text thanks to a doubled pixel resolution. To show that feature off, Oculus also added a VR web browser, which was able to render Enzuke and the other leading websites with no issue. Most essential is the website text looked good enough to read within the Gear.

According to Oculus, there will be 20 compatible titles next month, with 50 games all coming out over the few months. The company is also supporting Oculus Avatars to the Gear VR along with the new Home update. You’ll be able to change and dress up your avatar, according to your likings. Similarly, if you’re a Rift owner who’s already designed an avatar, you should see that within the new Oculus Home experience.

Source: Samsung, Engadget

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