Samsung Stops the Production of its Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone.

Giant Tech-Product Company Samsung has finally stopped the Production of it’s Note 7 Smartphone after reports of exploding/catching fires and all.

Samsung has finally halts all of its Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone Production and pulled it off the Note 7 smartphone from the Market yesterday.

“Consumers having original Galaxy Note 7 should take advantage of the remedies available, including the refund at their place of purchase,” Samsung’s officials said in a statement .

Why Samsung stops the production?

After series of reports claiming over heating and catching fires of the battery, the Note 7 was becomes the top trolling topic on the internet.


The Internet is full of Memes like this. Here is one more for you.


omg! that was hilarious.

one last.


Okay, back to the point,

Samsung employee’s are still can’t figured out what was exactly the reason turning it into the explode.


So What’s Next, will the Note 7 Return?

Well, Galaxy Note 7 will always be trolled by its overheating issues, and has already gained pretty much a “Grenade” like respect by the internet – that’s wont be easy for the Samsung to come back from.

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