Samsung, Sony and ZTE New Releases at the MWC 2017: Sony Xperia X2 Seems Coolest

SONY XA Smartphone MWC 2017

The leaks and rumors suggest that the company is set to launch Xperia X2

MWC is the most awaited event of the mobile and smartphone world. With almost all brands announcing new and revolutionary products all of us are excited about what is in store for us.

Here we have complied a list of what to except some of the leading brands so that you have all your information in one place.

Samsung :

The leading smartphone brand has been surprisingly vocal about what it has in store for its customers. Maybe because this will be the first major release since the Galaxy Note 7 which had made quite the new in the market. There had been rumors that the company will release Samsung Galaxy S8 at the event as its predecessor was released last year. But now it doesn’t seem so. The Galaxy 8 won’t be released at the event.

Smartphone xperia x2 mwc

Instead, it seems as if the smartphone giant will release a tablet, Galaxy Tab S3 at the event as the rumors and the company’s invite suggests. The tablet is supposed to sport a 9.6-inch 2048 x 1536 screen powered by a Snapdragon 820.

Sony New Smartphone:

Sony has something exciting in store for us. The leaks and rumors suggest that the company is set to launch Xperia X2. The timing seems right too as its predecessor was launched last year at this time only. We are expected to see hardware giant’s numerous Xperia pet projects, like the Agent.


The company is set to launch its smartphone named Gigabyte Phone with 5G ready technology. The smartphone will feature 360-degree VR and 4K video. Leaks also point to release of Quartz an Android Wear watch.

Others :

Xiaomi said that it wouldn’t be attending this years MWC. OnePlus and LeEco too will be absent from this year’s event.

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