Samsung to Launch Radical Foldable Smartphone to Compete With Apple

Samsung planning to launch an folding smartphone to take on apple war

Samsung is secretly working on a project named ‘Project Valley.’ It is a codename for its foldable smartphone project. And what is more, it is expected to be launched in September around the same time of ‘iPhone Edition’ launch. The sad news being it won’t be on sale until next year.


Apple will launch its 10th anniversary iPhone in September, and Samsung is planning to launch its foldable smartphone around the same date. So we may have a major battle in store for us.

The unnamed foldable smartphone was an absolute number of partners at the MWC 2017, apparently, because the South Korean tech giant is trying to keep this revolutionary product under wraps for a while.

The device presently known as ‘foldable Valley’ will be a 7-inch tablet that will be able to fold into a 5-inch display. This might be great news for people who prefer phones with the large screen but have trouble fitting them in their pocket.

The technology was patented by Samsung last year. It shows a thin device with a screen that folds and bends like the old flip phone handsets.

And according to a trusted blog SamMobile, Samsung has already started the testing of two versions of the phone in China.

Not just Samsung, but LG has also begun its journey towards foldable smartphones. They have even showcased a fully functional 18-inch Ultra HD screen in 2014.


The display used a particular film in place of plastic, which allows it to be rolled into a tight tube for transport.

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