Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaked Image Shows a Massive Bright Display with Release Date

Galaxy S8 Leak

Public on Twitter going crazy about the Galaxy S8 leak and we got to see some funny comments by Evan too.

Here one more time Evan Blass leaked something cool about Samsung Galaxy S8. The leak shows that we are even a one month less to have Galaxy S8 in our hands which seem fresh and surprising.

Talking of Samsung upcoming flagship, Evleaks has something exciting for them who can’t wait for the official announcement. Evan shared an explicit computer rendered image that looks similar to the previously leaked images of Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as S8+.

Galaxy S8 Leaked Image Shows the Same Date – The Day Samsung about to Release Galaxy S8

The image shared by Evan shows a phone having a massive display covering almost the who front end of the smartphone. The display of the phone showing the date March ’29, which is similar to the date on which Samsung is about to release Galaxy S8.

Evan Blass, Who use to have a good humor as well as rumor regarding Samsung phones as someday ago he has leaked about the Samsung Galaxy S8+ to have a 6.2-inch screen but this time he didn’t reveal any more details about the phone. Just an image is showing great wallpaper with the indicative date. The wallpaper on the phone image is also somewhat of similar design what Samsung uses for its phones.

Also,  Evan leaked the specifications of the Galaxy S8+ to have a 6.2-inch screen size with Quad HD plus Super AMOLED panel which looks bright enough to be the king comparing the rest of the phones in the market.

Also, Public on Twitter is going crazy about the Galaxy S8 leak, and we got to see some funny comments by Evan too.

Galaxy S8 Leak

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