PulseHUD Tweak Replaces iOS Volume HUD Providing Clean Looking Pulse

The volume HUD is an awful sight to look at in the iPhone, whenever it appears on the screen. However, PulseHUD aims to solve this problem for the users.

Whenever the user presses the volume down or up button to change the volume on their iPhone or iPad a not so pleasant HUD pops up on the screen showing the current volume level of the device. While it gets the work done, it isn’t too pretty to look at. And aesthetics in our world is a big thing. Firstly it blocks whatever is happening on the device. Secondly, to put it simply, it is annoying.

Well, worry no more. We have a solution for you.

Just install a jailbreak tweak called PulseHUD. It will replace the annoying HUD with a pleasant and simple Pulse. It is simple and pleasant. It does not obstruct the view. And it is even customizable to whichever color you want. That in itself is an amazing feature that will sway you towards it.

“Compatible with iOS 7 – iOS 10 on all devices
PulseHUD replaces the volume HUD with a smooth pulse. You can choose the color of the pulse
It is compatible with all others HUD tweaks.”

It will work with all HUD related issues on your device. And the best point being that it is customizable to whatever you like via your Settings app.

You can get this tweak via BigBoss repo in Cydia. And it is even free. Despite changing almost all of its device for the better the volume related UI in Apple remain the same. It’s about time Apple changes it with something useful and unobstructed. But it should also be mentioned that the current implementation is designed in such a way that it gives you an in-your-face reading of the current volume levels of the device. Which is more functional, but might not sit well with users who do not like things being slapped onto their faces around every corner.

Navni Bajpai
Navni is an enthusiast content strategist as well as author and loves to write about everything regarding technology under the sun. Navni Covers the news articles to the site regularly.
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