Look Back At The Most Popular Mobile Headsets From the Past History!

Before Smartphones, there were mobile phones…

It’s been just 10 years (almost), since the first iPhone came and was launched by Apple Inc. And the cell phones became endangered. Now, it is 2016 and they almost got extinct by now. May be in the next one or two years, we will see them only in papers and magazines. Some old gadgets of mobile headsets are still left with those who want to stay ‘traditional’-jokes apart! Yeah, smartphones have made life easy and comfortable, without any doubt. Yet, it’s unjust to forget the smartphone’s preceding origin-the qwerty-enabled, small, yet cute boxes which were, at one point, the unrivaled stars in terms of looks, multi-media and mobile gaming. Let’s revisit that old time, briefly by having a glance at those cell phones which remained the talk-of-the-town-a decade ago!

Nokia 1100


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The most famous one at that! I guess everyone still remember it right? For the most common and ordinary people, it would be no exception to think of it as a flagship phone of its era! It was the most beloved model among its contemporaries, in a time, when the evolution of the mobile phone had just begun. This particular headset has been a part of many online memes that keep flashing at a regular interval of time. Nokia 1100-may you rest in peace!

Reliance Classic 731


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Another old mobile headset with a smarter look-is it? Somehow, it was like that. Reliance had just started to build on its legacy in mobile manufacturing and Classic 731 was its very good looking phone, at the time of its launch. It had a few exciting features and a stylish design.

Reliance LG 3100 CDMA


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The trend of two-fold mobile phones also rose high at the same time when other models were tried experimented. They held on their own by keeping a different kind of curiosity among the consumers. Reliance collaborated with LG, and introduced the 3100 CDMA headset.

Nokia 5110


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The very early phone released by Nokia in around 1998. It stole the hearts of many by its uniquely built body and navigation keys. It became a household device, thanks to its vast popularity. Now, its existence can’t be imagined in the current time, even by the most ordinary man!

Motorola Razr


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The best looking flip-phone at its time! Yes, without any doubt, he stunning design influenced us enchantingly. It was also a colour phone and set a benchmark for all mobile phone-making brands, to have a look at their own products once again with shocking expressions! The most important thing about this model is that the company itself, still proudly remembers the Razr as its one of the greats phones ever built.

Nokia 5510


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At first, many of the kids would have thought it to be a remote control-including me! I was so small at that time. Some might have mistaken it to be a gaming console too. Well, not their fault in any way. The very highlighting point of this mobile phone by Nokia was its out-of-the-box structure. It was very catchy and attractive each time you gave it a stare. Nokia 5510 was not a colour phone but it initiated a platform for the coming generation of mobile phones in a huge way.



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