Pokemon Go Adding 100 New Pokemons in December 2016 Update


Pokemon Go fans are in for an entertaining Christmas as a massive update awaits them in December

If you are to believe the clues that the ‘Pokemon Go’ game hold then there is an upcoming update in December. This was discovered by a team of enthusiasts who discover that more than 100 monsters – legendaries included – are coming our way. Pokemon Go fans are in for an entertaining Christmas as a massive update awaits them in December. This might even include the previously announced plan to allow trading of cards among the players.

The most exciting part about the update is the fact that the update might introduce 100 normal and legendary Pokemons in the game. As of now all these details regarding the update can be considered as rumors as no official announcement has been made by the Niantic Labs. It is, however, based on an analysis of the game’s code conducted by PokeVS, a Pokemon web scanner. It is also deeply detailed.

In addition to the large number of Pokemon’s, the code also revealed that a PVP feature is in the offing. Players might even get to raise their hatchling once they got out of their shells. Presently it isn’t clear if the code has revealed the exact date of the release of the update. But PokeVS was able to identify points that changed in the game’s code, revealing tangible evidences.

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There is always a chance that Niantic might rewrite those parts. But the chances the a big release is about to happen are very high, Niantics activities also support this statement. Any Pokemon Go fan might tell you that the games popularity is steadily decreasing since its release. It is still the most trending game but its daily usage has decreased considerably.

The popularity will come back when Niantic release an update. For example, upon launch of the patch containing the Halloween event, Pokemon GO zoomed back to the top of the Apple App Store’s app ranking. The December update guarantees increased engagement of the users. If it is true that the update will provide numerous new Pokemon then it will definitely result in an increase number of players and for a longer time.

There is no information at present regarding what type of monsters might be included in the update. One should remember that the only available creature of this type at present is Ditto. This means monsters like Mew and Mewto, Lugia and Ho-Oh, Celebi, Entei and Suicune might soon appear in your phones.

The introduction of the legendary beasts has been confirmed by Niantic in the past. Particularly, this was mentioned by Niantic CEO John Hanke when he said that Gen 2, which saw the introduction of a huge number of Pokemon in the game’s lore, will come as an update.

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