The 5 Best Free Pocket App Alternatives

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The 5 Best Free Pocket App Alternatives which can stand as the pocket add-on alternatives for chrome as well as firefox and pocket alternatives for android

A while back Firefox decided to integrate Pocket into Firefox, despite its already existing add-ons. And it made a lot of people outraged. Many complaints very lodged and there was a lot of criticism on social media too. People infuriated that Pocket is no longer optional and that this change was completely unnecessary. Mozilla was criticized for straying away from its open source roots by adopting the proprietary code.

The situation only grew worse when many vulnerabilities in Pocket were brought to notice, and it was revealed that Mozilla had signed a revenue sharing deal with the developers of Pocket. In the end, Mozilla came out and ultimately shared how to disable Pocket entirely.

The pocket isn’t so bad; rather it is convenient to use due to its integration with various apps and services on the mobile platform. But the reason why many people dislike it is pretty obvious considering the changes in Pocket’s iOS and Android versions. Pocket now has Twitter-like features such as following other users, liking and reposting their content and such. This wasn’t many people’s cup of tea. So, if you are looking for alternatives to Pocket that are less intrusive then here we have five options for you.

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Now when I say less invasive, I mean that obviously, these add ones aren’t an integral part of Mozilla and can be disabled. Most of the following add-ons are focused solely on maintaining your reading list and don’t waste resources on the social aspect. The only negative point being that they require you to make an account, just like Pocket. And they aren’t open source. However, they do have some interesting features.

Here come the best pocket app alternatives listed downstairs:

1. Basket Add-on


This is an excellent choice for those who like to keep their things organized. Categories and Labels are Folders and Tags, respectively that will help you store and organize your content to look for later.

Every collected item, whatever it may be, can have custom notes too. This is an excellent way to categorize your content to remember then why you saved it. The custom signs can also be used summarize the important points in an article while doing online research.

Basket lets you save content for offline reading. It allows you to import an existing reading list from many apps and services. Integration with Firefox makes it possible to add new links to Basket from the right-click menu directly.

Quick Note

  • Import from Pocket: supported
  • Registration: required; with email or Google account
  • Mobile apps: Android
  • Price: free

2. Tagpacker


On this list, Tagpacker might be the most similar to Pocket. When you save a new link, Tagpacker wants you to “pack it”, which is a lot similar to Pocket.

Tagpacker keeps all your content on your profile which is by default public, but you can make anything private if you want to. The primary means of organizing content on Tagpacked are Tags. You can add as many tags as to want to an item. And you can group the cards too into TagPacks. Tagpacks help you find content faster, and you can use them to categorize items by type (news articles, blog posts, YouTube videos…). You can even import bookmarks from other sources.

Integration with Zapier allows you to automate sharing and connect your Tagpacker account with your social media profiles. Tagpacker focuses on the social aspect of sharing content. It lets you follow people, search and like their content get recommendations, etc.

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Quick Note

  • Import from Pocket: supported
  • Registration: required; with email, Facebook, or Google account
  • Mobile apps: none, works in any browser
  • Price: free

3. Raindrop


Raindrop has a nice approach to bookmarking and is available as an add-on for Firefox. It can be used to build a reading list or to save images and other content from all around the Web. New items are added to the Inbox, and then it’s up to you to divide them into collections, which can be either private or shared with other users.

Raindrop is for all those who are a big fan of customization. It lets you change the background and add a cover image to your link collection. The tagging feature is also available so that you can later search for content using the tag or keyword.

You can convert your reading list to a private RSS feed, and if you purchase the Pro version, you can also back up all your Raindrop collections to Dropbox.

Quick Note

  • Import from Pocket: supported
  • Registration: required; with email, Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Vkontakte account
  • Mobile apps: Android, iPhone
  • Price: free with ads, Pro plan with extra features for $2/month. Browser extension code is open source.

4.’s main aim is to be clutter free and minimal. And it is excellent at that too. There are no add-ons mobile apps.

To save items you either use the bookmarklet or just append “” to a link in the address bar. The first time you do this, will ask you to create an account. Your link collection will be a private list, but you can share it with anyone you want to.

You can organize your links into lists, add a note to every link and make valuable items prominent by placing them at the top of your list. The records are accessible from the drop-down menu on the right, and your bookmarks are presented as an ugly collection of links.

If you like, but you don’t like typing that phrase in front of every URL you want to save you can use the URL Alias add-on to create a handy shortcut.

Quick Note

  • Import from Pocket: not supported
  • Registration: required; with email
  • Mobile apps: none, works in any browser
  • Price: free

5. Wallabag


This is the solutions for you if you are looking for independence from all third-party services. It is open source and self-hosted, which means you will have to install it on a server or a shared hosting solution.

Users that have no experience need not worry as Wallabag comes with excellent documentation that makes the process very clear.

Once it’s installed and running, your Wallabag instance can sync with its dedicated smartphone app, and you can use it in Firefox with the add-on. Just make sure that you match the add-on version to the version of Wallabag you installed.

In addition to the traditional features like sharing and tagging content, Wallabag lets you export your content to ePub, PDF, and Mobi formats for offline reading. It also allows you to insert notes and comments directly into articles, mark items as a favorite, and export your reading list to use it with other services.

One Wallabag installation can contain multiple user accounts, so many accounts can be made just from one installation.

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Quick Note

  • Import from Pocket: supported
  • Registration: required; with email
  • Mobile apps: Android, iPhone, Windows Phone
  • Price: free and open source

Keeping It Local:

The main aim of Pocket is to access your content from wherever you are. Therefore all the options in this come with browser add-on and mobile apps.

There are also add-ons like Save to Read and Scrapbook that can serve as a possible saving area for temporary links. If you start using Scrapbook and later change your mind about keeping it local, it’ a good feature that you can share Scrapbook data with another computer.

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The 5 Best Free Pocket App Alternatives - Enzuke
The 5 Best Free Pocket App Alternatives - Enzuke
The 5 Best Free Pocket App Alternatives which can stand as the pocket add-on alternatives for chrome as well as firefox and pocket alternatives for android
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