Google Play Store Offering Free Android Apps Every Week

Play Store Apps

The Play Store in 2015 had a weekly free app promotion.

Google has come up with a new update for its Play Store app that will give you a paid app for free for a week. The rollout was relatively quite, and the company didn’t specify if the update will be available globally. Currently, it seems as if it is only available in the US.

The first app to be available for free is the is Card Wars, a game based on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time franchise. It usually costs $2.99, but you can pick it up at no charge right now, that is in the US.

The Play Store in 2015 had a weekly free app promotion, but it died down after some time. We hope that Google will stick to the pan this time around.

Play Store Apps

Google had only recently allowed developers to make sales on their paid apps (together with the ability to make them available for free for as long as they liked) while displaying the full price, so people know how much they’re saving. The company also pointed out at this year’s GDC that the Play store will soon feature curated games on editorial pages.

Hope this time Play store is offering something that you are going to enjoy and like to download every week a new app. Let us know in comments, what’s going on in your mind.

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