7 category of People you must Avoid if you want to Become Successful

Avoid these types of people in order to make progress in your business career


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We all agree that old sayings are not a rumor only. There are many old sayings which have scientific facts behind them and As the wise old saying says, “You are the reflection of the people you spend the most time with.” And this is a damn true fact. No one can deny this fact.

Anyhow if you want to become “successful” at something, the major key is to get surrounded by positive people. Those people who have positive thinking, which can motivate you and destroy all your negative thoughts. Your community is responsible; it shapes you into the person you become. You must make yourself aware of how those people who surround you have impact on your growth in order to move in a positive direction which clearly means that what you need to know is that who is and how he/she is effecting.

Beware of these 7 categories of people. They are going to destroy your career, de-motivate you. Their impact ultimately results into ending up your development as a person by their negative impact.

Category 1: Complainers


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Every company who hire employees has their own package of challenges, however all this depend on how much they are able to handle those challenges which ultimately defines whether or not they are in the direction of moving forward, wiling to stay motionless, or give up at once. People who fall in the category of complainers are nothing but are poisonous, and make it totally impossible to find the next best solution of any kind of problem. They are the biggest hurdle in the growth. They would rather lie in defeat than attempting towards achievement, and the worst thing is that they have a hidden wonderful talent of convincing other people to believe the same.

Category 2: Over-Promiser and Under-Deliverer



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A totally destroying habit is to over-promise and under-deliver. It puts nothing but false expectations from the very beginning. People who fall in this category tend to this because they want things to come into sight a way far better than they actually are and then that reality is bonded when things in fact do not came out the way they were originally presented. Out of the way from the fact that this is sometimes little bit disappointing and sometimes this bad habit may be demoralizing also. Over-promising and under-delivering is which ultimately force people to feel like no growth is being made, and may times this causes teams to disintegrate.

Category 3: Flaunters and Big Baller

This category of person are very very dangerous, specifically to your ego. What they do is just placing value on material possessions instead of doing anything meaningful or worthwhile. They always have irritating and meaningless ideas of buying new things, always have some un-necessary things to show how much they have in hopes.

Category 4: Dreamers


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They are those category of people who always talk about doing, mark it, always talk but never do anything. The Dreamer is the one who has a lot of amazing ideas but are not in a mood to bring them to life. The major thing which they lack is nothing but work ethic and the main thing, discipline. They always wait for “tomorrow”, but their tomorrow never comes. They can keep on thinking on about all the amazing things which they want to achieve and create, but when you ask them they are just thinking and daydreaming. They are ultimate at coming up with excuses to the question why they aren’t moving any closer to bringing their dreams into reality and if in case you haven’t paid attention to it you’re going to find yourself falling into a similar trap.

Category 5: Tunnel-Visioners

If you want to be successful, then you must follow the ninja technique of keeping one eye on the short-term and other one on the long term. Tunnel visioners weakness is to see bigger dreams. Don’t fall in this category.

Category 6: Under-Communicators

Communication is determining in all aspects. Communication is the way in which all the information’s are passed and moves are effectively made. People who fall in the category of under-communicator are not just absent in fact they are the major source of conflict. Everybody is aware of the fact that when information is not communicated well things are forgotten easily.

The category 7 is the “Diva” category

Call this category of people whatever you want, but these are the kind of person who takes everything personally and reacts completely or you can say absolutely out of emotion. They are irritating category people as when things go right, they are always ready to take all the credit, and when things go wrong, they never take the blame on them. Everyone is responsible for the things which goes wrong except themselves. So beware of this category people too.

Avoid these 7 categories and you will find that success and growth are in your way only.


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