The Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen sensation Piko Taro is back with a new song.

I have a Pen…..I have an Apple! Ugh! Appppllle-Pennn. :-/. These are lyrics of the song which is spreading on the internet like a wild fire. First time when people watched this video it was like What The F**k!! how can a video like this got million of views on YouTube.


Well! there is nothing complex to understand we are living in a age where anything or everything can be a overnight sensation. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have sufficient power these days that a dog’s poop can be a Hot Trending Topic over night.

Lets talk about the Piko Taro who make the PPAP song, DJ Pika Taro is a fictional character performed by Japanese entertainer-comedian Kazuhiko Kosaka.

He is famous for his Stand-up comedy and amazing comic timing in Japan.


But his song Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen made him famous all over the world.


When Justin Bieber himself Tweeted about the video on Twitter, it becomes viral over the internet and people were going crazy about it for no reason.

Justin Bieber tweets PPAP


And NOW!!! Piko Taro is back with his new video “Neo Sunglasses.” He released the video right after the PPAP success of becoming viral.


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