World’s First Commercial PAL-V Liberty Flying Car Pre-Order Starts at $399,000

PAL-V FLying Car Pre Order

The first commercial flying car is integrated with two solid engines, one for driving on the road and other to fly in the air

PAL-V Liberty, the world’s first commercially available flying car is finally here. We all have seen the flying cars in the cartoons or science fiction movies. But this time is for real! After five years of its successful demonstration of a test flight of the flying vehicle, the Dutch company PAL-V has started pre-ordering for the Liberty flying car.

PAL-V Liberty Flying Car Specification:

The first commercial flying car is integrated with two solid engines, one for driving on the road and other to fly in the air. Rotax, a well-known aircraft manufacturer (based in Austria) is supplying the engines for the PAL-V Liberty.

PAL-V Liberty on ground - Enzuke

PAL-V Liberty is capable of producing 100 horsepower on the ground, with a fuel economy of 31 miles per gallon. Within nine seconds it can accelerate up to 62 mph, PAL-V has a top speed of 100 mph. Also, this two-seater vehicle weighs only 1,414 pounds in dry weight (excluding filled fuel), and with a filled up of 26.4-gallon fuel in the tank PAL-V can weigh up to 160 pounds.

On the ground, this PAL-V Liberty flying car takes the form of a three-wheeler which capable of traveling around 817 miles with on full tank. To fly in the sky, Liberty’s propeller and its tail blades expanded and transformed it into a gyrocopter.

PAL-V Liberty flying car - Enzuke

According to the PAL-V, in order to change from the ground vehicle to the flying gyrocopter Liberty takes around 10 minutes, and  in the sky, the Liberty’s can hit the top speed of 112 miles per hour with the horsepower of 200 HP, but at a disappointing low range of 310 miles on a full tank.

This maximum range can be further drops when a passenger is on board on the second seat. Maximum operating altitude for the Liberty is at 11,480 feet. As a ground vehicle, the Liberty measures 13.1 feet long and 5.4 feet high. When transformed into the aerial mode, it expands to 20.1 feet long and 10.5 feet high.

The Semi-Automatic Conversion System in PAL-V Liberty helps it to transform from a ground vehicle to gyrocopter. However, the driver will need to unfold the vehicle’s propeller, tail, and rotor blade manually.

PAL-V Liberty Price:

As you can expect, this flying car won’t be cheap for purchase. Reportedly, the Sports Base Model is priced at $399,000, and Premium Pioneer Model is at $599,000.

According to PAL-V, the first 90 units for the PAL-V Liberty will be Pioneer model, and once they all were sold out, the sports model will be available for purchase. Also, the customer will receive the specialized training, detailing, power heating detail, and an electronic display.

Now, the saddest part is that this flying vehicle will not be allowed for everybody to drive unless they have both driver’s license as well as pilot’s license.

A deposit of $25,000 is required to preorder the Liberty Pioneer, and for the Liberty Sport, only $10,000. By the end of next year, the flying cars are expected to start shipping their orders. Meanwhile, Uber and Airbus are also planning for a flying vehicle of their own. So don’t be suppressed if you see a flying car on top of your house someday.

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