How to Optimize Facebook Video Campaign For More Engagement

how to optimize Facebook video and Facebook ads marketing to gather more engagement

Here’s how to optimize Facebook video and Facebook ads marketing to gather more engagement.

Thinking of how to optimize Facebook video and Facebook ads marketing to gather more engagement? Video depletion on social media like Facebook is speedily increasing. There has been about 50% growth in the consignment of video that is being depleted on Facebook.

If you’re a sagacity marketer, then there is an excellent opportunity that you will be already knowing about the capability of using video, as a source of joining and interacting with your epitome customer on Facebook. You might be using some of the Facebook Video Ads. But, after using your Video Ads for some span of time, you might be engrossed in knowing about what all can be done in promoting useful outputs from your campaigns.

Whatever state your crusade is in, there are some techniques with the help of which you can find uttermost your contemporaneous results. This article will help you in knowing about all those essential technologies and strategies. We’ll scrutinize the steps of inspecting your Facebook Video Ad campaigns so that you can easily find out what thing is blocking them behind, and what all you can do to bring them to the maximum highness.

At the last of this post, you’ll have a considerable amount of confidence in yourself. So, let’s begin.

Understand the main cause of a low ROI

In this article, many points will be covered which will help you in learning a lot of thing about your campaigns. But, the first thing which we need to understand is what thing is trawling our ROI down. In doing so, you require few common problems that might have a major effect on your campaign.

You need to memorize these problems in your mind. If you see, some ads which are getting very fewer views, then it may be because of your poor focusing. It can also mean that you are not doing the auction process properly.

On the other hand, if your ads are possessing a lot of views, but is lacking behind in some clicks, then it could be because of your video being not so much convincing for the people. If your Video Ad is possessing a lot of views and clicks, both together, but is lacking in sales activity, then it may be because of the two important things.

One that your ad makes false assurance of your landing page which doesn’t deliver on. Two, your landing page is not convincing. Your landing page is not so attractive to attract people towards it. If your Video Ads are affected by any of the problems as mentioned above, then you need to go back to the drawing board and make a better and error free video.

Use Facebook’s advanced features to Improve targeting

Facebook is such a bewildering platform, as it helps in providing us with the steps for focusing on our customers. Facebook has a lot many things to offer.

If you look closely, you’ll find out that you can cover your focusing layer your targeting procedures to make a highly-focused crusade. One of the examples of this is Custom Audiences.

With the support of Custom Audiences, you can easily create an audience based on people who all can interact and communicate with you.

If you have learned and used Facebook Video Ads, properly, then you might know about Custom Audiences. But do you know that you also can create Custom Audiences, based on ‘Video Engagement’?

With this step, you’ll be able to show your ads to people who have viewed your Video Ads already. This move is incredibly powerful because it is helping you in discovering your ads to people.

This is how you can set up Custom Audiences, based on Video Engagement.

facebook video

  • After that, click on “Create Audience” option and then move to select “Custom Audience.”

facebook video

  • Select “Engagement Facebook” button.

facebook video

  • Then click on “Video.”

facebook video

As you can look below, you can see an option named as ‘Engagement’ this option will help you in knowing how much long people have viewed you.

facebook video

If somebody has watched a great dispense of your video but has not taken any action, then there is some reason behind that.

As a result of which you might realize that why people are not undertaken with your ad, even after having watched it for a span of time.

To be because of you have not stated clearly about what next, they have to do in order to get benefited from your offer. Maybe your offer was not coming with a free shipping. It may be because of anything. But, it all depends upon your ads and your offer.

Either way, you’ll need to review your video to find out why someone might watch an enormous amount of your Video Ad, and then not indulge with your brand.

If you adequately address the objections, it will be easier and helpful for you to win these people over, and get them to engage with your offer.

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Note: Even if you can’t find out any objections, just think of some ways in which you can attract people to- such as offering a coupon, or payment plan.

Focusing people who have only watched three seconds of your video might be less cost consuming. But there may be some reasons that why they have viewers only for 3 seconds.

According to some case, consider a selecting option of ‘People who viewed at least 75% of your video.

facebook video

When you’ve done this, you require opting for the video you want to use on the basis for modifying your Custom Audience.

You can set your name and time there and can provide a “Description” as well as “Audience Name” option.

facebook videoWhen you get over with it, then select on “Create Audience.”

facebook video

Now let’s take a glimpse over, some of the targeted peoples while creating a new ad campaign.

What you need to do is, move to the proper process of starting up a Video Ad campaign. And then, click on “Custom Audience” and then select your audience on that basis.

facebook video

Now, it will focus all those 75% people who have watched your video. You can also make a lookalike audience, depending on the 75% people who have viewed your video.

You can make a Lookalike Audience by moving back to the Audiences option, selecting ‘Create Audience’ and then choosing ‘Lookalike Audience.’

facebook video

Split test your advertising approach

Apart from improving your focusing, you can also divide test other methods while creating your crusade.

If you’re not getting success in your ads, and you know that you are focusing on right areas, then your videos are at fault. Sometimes, what happens is that the longer videos do better work as compared to the shorter ones.

Wistia figures out that videos related to the business are viewed by 80% of people if they’re shorter in length than 30 seconds.

facebook video

There is data which help to make short and sweet videos. Video length is not the only option to divide test. Educational videos might have a good response to the comparison to interesting ones. The only alternative of knowing what will be going to work is by making multiple styles of Video Ads.

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Think about what happens after the click

We talked upon this topic above.

If your ads are giving good outputs, but still you do not possess leads, then it is the time to investigate your landing page. There are some of the steps which you can take to have better outputs.

The first step is to investigate your headline properly. You need to check out whether the benefit which you mentioned in the headline is matching with your video or not.

facebook video

Testimonials are one of the other examples of social proof, which can be used for convincing people through your landing page.

Once upon a time, a company wanted to enhance its sales by 6% while executing its social proof on the sales page. A success story of their firm increased to by 33% rise in sales.

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A Facebook Video Ad crusade can quickly enhance its bottom line of your business. If you are getting moderate outputs with your crusade, then you really need to find out the ways of improving your work.

You can also improve your results by making use of social media like Facebook’s advanced targeting features. You can also use other option to create your Video Ads.

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How to Optimize Facebook Video Campaign For More Engagement
How to Optimize Facebook Video Campaign For More Engagement
How to Optimize Facebook Video Campaign For More Engagement, Also how to optimize Facebook video and Facebook ads marketing to gather more engagement
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