How To Optimize A/B Testing to avoid Errors Explained

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How To Optimize A/B Testing to avoid Errors Explained along with best a/b testing tools and a/b testing software to check a/b testing statistics of sales.

How To Optimize A/B Testing to avoid Errors explained in this article but first, I would like to congratulate you in case if you are considering working on conversion optimization for your website. After knowing this, I will assume that you have been able to build good traffic to your site. There are some sites which never get a few hundred visitors a day.

Just do one thing, pat on your back and let’s get back to the task at hand. Here by saying task at hand, I meant that work which is hard and that has to be done or finished within a particular time.

If you are reading this article, then definitely you are worried about the under-performance of your website. And you are definitely in a mood to fix the places where money is leaking.

For all this, the very first and obvious step is nothing but A/B testing. You are not going to believe me, but this is 100% truth that this testing helped President Obama in raising an additional 60 million dollars. Just go and Google it.

Some internet marketing blogs have the subject of A/B testing and conversion optimization. Also, they are extensively covering that.

There are many posts in which you can find simple A/B tests that you can run. In this post also you will find simple A/B tests that you can run.

So, why waiting let’s get started!!!

  1. Must place all the essential elements above-the-fold

The view which the new visitors came across has to somehow engaging and persuasive. We mainly focus on this because we know that the average human’s attention span is simply 8 seconds. Also, the users spend 80% of the time above-the-fold and just give the remaining 20% below-the-fold.

But I don’t think so that these statistics may encourage you to follow along with the typical web design path such as a headline with your value proposition or a supporting headline and nice background image, also a form field(s) and a CTA button.

This is a design that we follow at CrazyEgg only.

Users are totally bored by these designs of websites, or you can say these layouts are very common. Just because of this they may ignore your above-the-fold CTA.

All the stuff which is above the fold is important. This line is repetitive and generalized advice as it always holds true.

Let’s evaluate the truth of this advice by going to the root of the advice.

The print publication industry is behind the mantra “Above-the-fold.” This mantra was originated in the print publication industry.

Just think when a newspaper is folded, the immediately visible space catches the reader’s attention not the hidden part. So, to make more sales, the publishers place the most compelling pieces of news along with all the images in this section only.

Have a look at these 3 actionable strategies to make the most of the fold:

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  • Encourage visitors to scroll

Don’t fill too much information above-the-fold. Less information above-the-fold supported user exploration below-the-fold; CXPartners found this in an eye tracking study.

a/b testing

I don’t think that you need any prominent directional signals to suggest that the main content is available below not above.

Alternatively, the visitors should feel pushed and interested as well with your value proposition.

The direction or signals for encouraging scrolling could be based on your content, the type of business along with the overall site design.

Some bloggers have the content and design that promotes visitors to continue scrolling. The major part that is the buying offer was presented at the end when the visitor is totally ready to make a decision.

  • Let the ASK be based on the complexity of your offering:

If you are entirely new to a complex product or you can say a fresher with a complicated product, then for you placing the CTA above-the-fold is probably a bit pushy.

The visitors who are visiting for the first time at your site may need more details about your offer. Also, they need more convincing before they give you their email address.

There are many case studies from which you should take motivation. They will encourage you to consider testing a below-the-fold placement of your CTA fearlessly. Also, a long-form copy can convert better than short form. Just keep this in mind.

  • Ensure that above-the-fold content loads quickly

Your main focus must be on the content loading which is above-the-fold.

It’s a bitter fact, but it is true as it is proven under a study by Scientiamobile, 2015, under this study, they found that 50% of the users had moved down more than 250 pixels if a page didn’t load within 9 or more seconds.

So, if you are among those who have a compelling story and elegant design to hook a first-time visitor ten what you should keep in mind is that for this you will need a fast loading site. If you lack this quality, then a visitor will scroll past them, even before they load. It’s disappointing, but it’s true. No one has that much patience.

a/b testing

Have a look at this and you will get the idea.

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  1. The color of your CTA buttons along with their size

We all know that the frequency of red color is very high. That is why it can increase your conversion rates. Red is the ‘secret’ color that always guarantees an increase in your conversion rates. Red color denotes a feeling of urgency, excitement, and passion as well. It makes the visitor stop and considers your offer. After knowing this secret, you know what you have to do. Yes, you will have to ensure that all of your CTA buttons red. Isn’t it?

Many articles are spitting out such generalized advice.

The truth is that there is no decided color or you can say the consistent color that will apply across websites, industries, and campaigns also.

Let me tell you one thing that in case if you are not able to find the so-called perfect color for your audience ten this will cause major loss.

Just have a look at this, just look at the highlighted text:

a/b testing

Would you like to read the highlighted text? I don’t think so as it hurts to read such a book.

After getting the perfect color for your website, your primary focus must be on the size of the buttons. In a good visual hierarchy, your CTA button must contrast with the surrounding elements and stand out on its own.

A large-sized CTA button is a must as it sticks out as a clickable element.

Also, you will have to keep in mind that this doesn’t always work as there are cases in which a large CTA button on the payment page negatively affected the conversions.

ab testing

  1. The number of elements in your form field and the number of steps in your checkout process:

A best practice which is repeatedly shared in marketing circles is keeping the number of form fields to the minimum, as minimum as they can. This advice makes sense as more areas equate to a more physical effort from the user.

Many sites have shared this fact that by just reducing the number of form fields from four to three (or from five to four) helped them in raising their conversions by 26% or more.

The Just reverse of this is true, increase the number of fields in case if you are in a mood to weed out the non-serious visitors from your website.

Let me tell you about the Design Pickle who offers a free custom design to businesses, and they do so without even asking for a credit card number.

ab testing

But they are well aware of the fact that many people are interested only in the FREE stuff and not interested in working with them long-term. So just to qualify the leads from the ad, they have a long form for the visitors. The visitors have to complete the form.

ab testing

By doing this, they can get a rough idea that the people who filled in the form are more likely to convert. And this also worked as through this form only; the Design Pickle was able to generate 500 leads and also, he was able to convert 30 of them for their $200/month service. Isn’t it amazing?

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  1. Social proof

This is a bitter fact, but yes, people trust the opinion of influencers and other individuals over marketers. So, keep this in your mind that testimonials default on most landing pages and websites also.

But in case if you are a fresher then no one is going to tell the awesomeness of your products, or you can say that you won’t have anyone vouching for your brand’s credibility.

To solve this problem, you have two options; first, you can create a fake social proof and second is that you can use generic and vague praise made by a visitor. But you are well aware of the fact that both of these options are very dangerous. They can cause trouble for you. Also, genuine love for a brand can’t be faked.

What you want is that you want the testimonials to support your offer and also address reader objections.

Have a look at the great testimonials, and you will get an idea that how to write the phrase. They are not generic phrases, like a very famous generic phrase that Brian creates brilliant content. Just keep in mind the most important points and it’s my guarantee that you will be benefited from this.

Ujjwal Sahay
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How To Optimize A/B Testing to avoid Errors Explained
How To Optimize A/B Testing to avoid Errors Explained
How To Optimize A/B Testing to avoid Errors Explained along with best a/b testing tools and a/b testing software to check a/b testing statistics of sales
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