Oppo to Unveil ‘5x’ Mobile Camera Technology at MWC 2017

oppo 5x

OPPO the most rising company in the Chinese market has sent out the teaser about what it calls it ‘5x Project’, which belongs to its new mobile camera technology.

MWC is the biggest smartphone congress in the world. We all are awaiting the MWC 2017, as we are an inch closer to MWC, we are treated all of those last minute teasers of biggest companies, OPPO is one of them. OPPO hints at the eleventh hour that what it plans to unveil at the expo.

OPPO the most growing company in the Chinese market has sent out the teaser about what it calls it ‘5x Project’, which belongs to its new mobile camera technology. As for always, Oppo is known for its incredible camera, and the company even stated that they are a camera phone makers. Also, Oppo users are increasing in number day by day. As talking about te Oppo sales,

OPPO was the biggest sale chines handset last year and gets increased 122 percent year by year sales, which is an outstanding growth rate for any undergrowing smartphone company.


The company takes the opportunity to discuss it’s past year selfie focused featured camera technology, which featured a front-facing 16-megapixel camera. Moreover, OPPO takes the next step to improve camera quality function and come to MWC with a new project called “5x Project”.

According to OPPO press material this 5x photography technology “will give users unprecedented ability to capture highly detailed images.” While we have not more details at this early stage, but OPPO will be the focus on the high-resolution image processing.

OPPO, VP, Sky Li of international business and president of OPPO India says that this technology will”change how the world becomes cognizant of smartphone photography.” This will be a remarkable achievement for the whole world belongs to integrated smartphone photography technology.

As the Oppo 5x Project is coming soon so let us know about our views that what you people are expecting from the Oppo in their upcoming phones down in the comment section.

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