Nvidia Releases GTX 1080 Ti with 35 Percent More Performance at $700

GTX 1080 Ti

’35 percent’ more performance than last year’s GTX 1080 graphics card.

The previous year we all were waiting for the Nvidia GTX 1080 as one of the most powerful upgrades in the graphic card world. And it was the kind of the update we were waiting for. But again now Nvidia launches one more high-end upgrade for the gamers in the form of Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti to get more out of your old Nvidia GTX 1080.

Nvidia Releases GTX 1080 Ti at GDC 2017

Recently at Game Developer Conference 2017, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang releases the new GTX 1080 Ti with 35 percent more performance in the comparison to the old GTX 1080. The New GTX 1080 Ti packs 11GB of GDDR5X memory and will go on sale March 10th for $700. Not to believe but Nvidia even promises that this new GTX 1080 Ti is even faster than the $1200 Titan X that company released last year and was focused on professionals.

At the same occasion, the company Nvidia also announces some love for the old GTX 1080 users as a price cut in GTX 1080, which will now start with a new price of $500.

Now you are thinking that what is new in this new card that makes it blazing fast and obviously it is the 11GB of VRAM is apparently the first use Micron’s “G5X” memory which is capable of holding 11Gbps of bandwidth. The high bandwidth is making it capable and ready for any 4K/5K HDR gaming or VR gaming you have in mind, and it will sustain whatever the load you force on it.

GTX 1080 Ti 2

Credit: Nvidia

We also love this new updated graphic card as much as you do, so let us know in comments how much you love this one and what you think about it.

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