Nvidia to Launch GTX 1080 “11Gbps” Cards Unlocks Full GTX 1080 Ti BIOS Flash

Nvidia gtx 1080 Ti 11 gbps cards

NVIDIA is planning something similar with Founders Edition GTX 1060 “9 Gbps” cards being GTX 1080

NVIDIA is well known for its wanting to sustain its performance dominance over AMD at all costs, to make it sure that they have produced something vital and remarkable thing for their loyal consumers.

Just a few days ago, it was proclaimed that NVIDIA would be soon launching a faster version of the GTX 1080 with the speed of 11Gbps along with its memory in the month of April. According, our sources at NVIDIA (who wish to remain anonymous for obvious reasons) have informed Enzuke about the Founders Edition GTX 1080 11Gbps graphics cards are bought directly from NVIDIA’s geforce.com website are full GTX 1080 Ti cards in disguise.

These come with the full GP102 GPU instead of the cut-down GP104 GPU and the full accomplishment of 11GB video RAM. The only appreciable contrast will be that the cooler will show “GTX 1080” and not “GTX 1080 Ti”, a basic superficial difference only.

Out of the box, they will function just like a GTX 1080, with the same efficiency as well as with the power usage. Along with that, the video driver will also identify them as a GTX 1080. However, by only flashing them with the video BIOS of a Founders Edition GTX 1080 Ti, the full efficiency will be unbolted! The video driver will then check them as a GTX 1080 Ti.

Mark it that this will not function on an older version of GTX 1080 with 10Gbps memory, but will enclose it rather – for which you have been already notified.

With this easy way, it applies that a GTX 1080 Ti can be bought only for just $500 rather than the full $700 and along with that its loyal consumers will get a discount of $200.

As if competing with NVIDIA wasn’t severe enough for AMD, they will now have a very hard and a rigid completion to guide. If they begin making some graphical dominance over NVIDIA with their last Vega-based graphics cards or just to make a comparison of them on a possible level playing field.

Finally, we have heard rumors that NVIDIA is planning something similar with Founders Edition GTX 1060 “9 Gbps” cards being GTX 1080s with just a BIOS flash required to unlock them. We’re currently investigating this and will let you know soon, so look out for a forthcoming article about these on Enzuke.

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