Now You Can Get Android Notifications On Your Windows, Here’s How

The Windows 10 action center let you remain in touch to your calls, messages and app notifications on your Android mobile

The Windows 10 action center let you remain in touch to your calls, messages and app notifications on your Android mobile. This feature enables through Cortana and the Cortana app for Android, there’s a Cortana app for iOS as well. Once set up your windows action center, it will notify you when you received a call, receive a message or has a low battery on the android phone. It will also help you to receive your app notifications from the apps you have already installed on your phone, and you can also control your mobile through your PC with voice commands, for example, you can say “Hello, Cortana, where is my phone,” please do this really fast and Cortana will find your phone on a map.

To get these features proceed with these subsequent steps

Download the Cortana app from your play store and then install it on your smart android mobile device. It is currently available for US users, but non-US users can download the app from some other sites like apkmirror and then open the application and log in with your latest Windows account.

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And then tap the main menu icon (present in the upper three lines) in the upper left corner of the application and then go to settings to sync notifications. There you will get four different type of notifications out of which you have to sync each one by one.

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You are watching four different types of notifications that can be synced – 1 Missed call notifications, 2 incoming message notifications, 3 low battery notifications, and 4 app notifications.

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The three will be automatically turned on, they are missed call, incoming message, and low battery but the fourth one will not turn on by default, you have to turn on by accessing the needs notification access and then after you can turn it by yourself, once you change this option to on, you will receive a new menu option which allows you to choose particular apps to sync or vice versa.

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And then after open the Cortana application on your windows and then go to settings and then switch their option of send the notification between devices, it has to be turned on in order for working on your android with Cortana, in this way you can get all your android mobile notification on your PC, so now things have got simple with Cortana as well.

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