Nokia and LG Devices to Look Forward at MWC 2017

LG G6 MWC 2017

MWC is the biggest happening in the technological world and every tech geek is sure to follow its announcements and releases

The biggest exhibition by the mobile world Congress [ MWC 2017 ] is here and who isn’t excited? There are many interesting devices to look forward to and some revolutionary new technologies such a 5G being introduced too.

MWC is the biggest happening in the technological world, and every tech geek is sure to follow its announcements and releases. Here we have compiled a list of what to expect from the leading brands, all in one place.


These firms never fail to disappoint their audience at the MWC. They always have something new and exciting in their bag. There have been leaks that suggest that Moto G5 and Moto G5 plus will be announced at the event.

LG :

LG isn’t a brand that keeps its audience guessing. The company had announced many products at the CES this year, and the same happened with the MWC too. The company has already announced the G6. With all the leaks doing rounds and the official announcement itself, we don’t have to wait much for the MWC announcement by LG.

The flagship model differs from its predecessors in the feature that is sports near the edge to edge display instead of lackluster modularity.


Nokia/HMD at MWC 2017:

It is a well-known fact that HMD was waiting for the MWC to introduce its Nokia brand smartphones. What remains to be seen is how many devices will the firm release at the event. The Nokia 6 was released just after CES. Rumors are that the smartphone will be joined by two other models 5 and three that will be small budget and have lower specs as compared to the Nokia 6.

Nokia mwc

Oppo :

A name that was unheard of at most just a few years ago, Oppo is making its mark in the market with growing sales and powerful smartphones. The company has said that a new camera technology name ‘5* project’ will be introduced at the event, most likely bringing in new handsets.

This is all you can expect from these brands. Stay tuned with us for further knowledge about other brands and happenings at the MWC.

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