Nintendo Super Mario Run is Ready For Launching to Android on March 23

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Nintendo has also announced plans to launch a mobile version of one of its most played console game titles, Animal Crossing

In a tweet from Nintendo America, it has officially been confirmed that Nintendo is officially launching the Super Mario Run for Android in March. Nintendo has kept its word. It had earlier announced that the much-acclaimed game is going to hit the Google Play store soon and it is.

As of now, Super Mario Run is available exclusively for iOS, and it has gained a huge $53 million revenue. It was launched in December in 151 countries and has been downloaded 78 million times. However, the mobile title didn’t reach the mark Nintendo had been expecting it to.

The app will be free to download. However to proceed from the third level the user will have to make the one-time in-app purchase of $10. Apparently, a little over 5 percent of Super Mario Run users have paid the price to unlock the full game. This is mainly due to its $10 price, if we consider the amount of other most popular games from Google Play or App stores.

Super Mario Run is a two-dimensional game that is played in portrait mode. All through the game, the user has to tap on the screen to keep Mario running and collecting coins and progressing forward.

As Nintendo prepares to bring the classic game to our Android smartphones, the question remains if the Android users will be willing to pay $10 for a trading runner style game. If you are waiting to play Super Mario Run on your Android smartphone, then you can register on Play Store to receive a notification when it becomes available for download on 23rd March.

Nintendo has also announced plans to launch a mobile version of one of its most played console game titles, Animal Crossing, somewhere in its next fiscal year, which will officially begin in April 2017. Even though the company initially resisted releasing games for smartphones, it now says it will launch two to three new mobile games per year.

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