Nexar’s dashcam app is now free but it collects your precious data


Nexar’s free app uses your car’s onboard accelerometer, cameras and microphone do the rest of the work.

Technology has advanced a lot, we are far away from flying cars yet but we do have self-driving cars. Car in which you don’t need to worry about minding the road or the person driving behind you, in which you can relax and eat a meal while karaoke-ing to your favorite song while the car drives you to your destination. But these cars are very expensive and even unavailable to many people. So why go to lengths to buy a new device to facilitate your needs when you already have one that will help you in the same way. That’s right, I am talking about your phone. It is really a ‘smart’phone if you really use it to its full potential. It has various sensors. This is where the Nexars dashcam app come to your rescue. All you need is a $7 mount to, hold up your phone in your car while the Nexar’s free app uses your car’s onboard accelerometer, cameras and microphone do the rest of the work.

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Nexar said that when enough people start using this app a car to car network will be created that will alert you of accidents on the road seconds before time so that you can avoid one yourself. For example is someone a few cars ahead stops suddenly then you will get a alert about it on your phone so that you can prepare yourself. Or if you are having problems in your car the app will send an alert to the cars around you so that they can plan their route to avoid collision with you. This app is based on machine learning, so with more use and more users it will get better. It will give better and more accurate predictions. This week, New York and San Francisco starting using the service, and it’s available on both Android and iOS.

However there is no such thing as a free lunch, the app will constantly use your phones camera to survey the roads and send the image back to an Israel based server using your data. This way the more the app is is used the better it will get, as it will get more coverage with every use. Accepting to use the service means giving Nexar the right to do anything with the images. It can even sell them to a third party. Some insurance companies are starting to join hands with the service to rewards good drivers.

And though the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration hasn’t agreed to any formal agreement being made, Wired said Nexar has agreed to share driving data with the government. The company has also planned to start giving driving points to its users, that will be decided by driving habits and attached to license plate numbers. The biggest concern here is that we have no idea how much of the customers data will be used, as there will be constant video transmission by the app to its server. This service will come at the cost of your mobile data.

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