New iOS 11 Concept is All About Reinventing the Home Screen Panel

New iOS 11 Concept is all set to reinvent everything we know about Apple’s home screen

iOS home screen is never changed since the launch of Apple first iPhone, seems like they had never tried to give a little emphasis on it home screen look. But now the new iOS 11 aims to reimagine the look of the home screen and will change everything we know about the iOS home screen department so far.

Apple decided not only to bring changes to it looks or new features but also want to add on top most relevant stuff that is essential to every user to provide a better user experience. Here are some images below which will give you an idea of what we are talking about.

Apps Relocation on Home Screen

It all begin with app icons themselves, which is completely free to move or place anywhere you want on the home screen. And not only this, Complication like having in Apple Watch, can also be merged on the home screen as well. This shows that all your important information are just a gleam away.


Widgets are also free to be placed anywhere on the home screen, but it no longer live in the new concept as well.


Notifications will get a huge productive side of an upgrade, this time it will focus on better user productivity. Users are no longer required to go and look at badges. Instead, they will get a slightly detailed view of the notifications to get an idea what they are dealing with before they launch the app.


Siri also got some updates as well and brings a dedicated button on the new home screen. On tapping it will bring all the useful information with the launch of Siri interface. Siri will also provide app suggestions as well which will be more useful for users. There is an immense focus on Siri in this iOS update concept.


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